Yasmin Bedart (USA/Israel) is a player who commanded the V-League stage with strong serve and strong spike. After being nominated by Hyundai E&C as the second overall pick in the foreign player draft ahead of the 2021-2022 season, he scored 674 points in 30 games in the first season and led the team to first place. He raised points and showed outstanding performance.

However, Yasmin suffered a back injury following his shoulder while attempting an unreasonable attack. He eventually completed his second season by leaving for the United States while recovering from disc surgery. It was a moment of regret.

Hyundai E&C, which seemed to reign supreme for two seasons by recruiting Yasmin, broke new records one after another, but had nothing to do with winning.

In the 2021-2022 season, the women’s postseason was not held due to Corona 19, and in the 2022-2023 season, a replacement foreign player Ivone Montaño (Colombia) was recruited to play the remaining season and postseason, but it was time to check Yasmin’s vacancy.

Yasmin, who was spending time recovering after back surgery, departed through Incheon International Airport on March 10th. At the time, Yasmin said, “I will calmly organize my thoughts and decide whether to participate in the tryout”, but it did not take long for her to organize her thoughts. He decided to try again in the V-League and submitted a tryout application.

Several clubs are paying attention to Yasmin’s participation in tryouts. Although recovering from an injury is important, it is not easy to find a foreign player as proven as Yasmin if he returns after resting well.

Currently, Yasmin is slowly improving her physical condition through rehabilitation. He strengthens his muscles through weight training and is also focusing on strengthening his back. He is also attempting side steps and light jumps.크크크벳

However, normal attacks have not yet been attempted. If the rehabilitation continues as smoothly as now, it is predicted that the river spike following the jump will be possible from July. It is clear that the speed of recovery is faster than expected, which is a positive aspect.

Yasmin is classified as a new player because he was replaced while playing for Hyundai E&C. You must come to Turkiye Istanbul and participate in the tryout. However, considering the current physical condition, it is expected that he will not play a normal game. He seems to be at the level of lightly showing his body movements or saying hello on the spot.

Nevertheless, interest in Yasmin is considerable. First of all, Hyundai Engineering & Construction is closely examining Yasmin’s physical condition. Although the nomination is low, he is a player who has been together for two seasons, so he hopes to be together again. IBK Industrial Bank and KGC Ginseng Corporation are also showing interest, and Pepper Savings Bank is also planning to closely examine his physical condition.

Appointing Yasmin can certainly be an adventure. Although his skills have been verified, there are still question marks attached to his speed of recovery from injuries. However, looking at the players who applied for tryouts this season, it is not easy to find a player like Yasmin. As the situation is like this, many clubs are tinkering with the Yasmin card.

What will be Yasmin’s whereabouts next season? You can check the results at the women’s foreign player draft, which will be held on the 13th in Turkey, Istanbul.

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