Yang Ji-yong, who won 7 consecutive wins, was also blocked by the world’s strongest wall.

Yang Ji-yong (26, Jeju Team The King) held on the 24th토토사이트 at the Wonju Gymnasium in the ROAD FC 064 -63kg bantamweight tournament in the second round of the quarterfinals against Razabal Sheidulayev (23, Kyrgyzstan) who was running 8 consecutive wins in the first round 4 He lost to a rear naked choke in minutes. Yang Ji-yong recorded 7 wins and 1 loss, and Sheydulayev won 9 consecutive wins.

Yang Ji-yong, nicknamed ‘Jeju-chan’, is a fighter who has grown from the Road FC Central League. He showed such passion that he flew from Jeju Island to Seoul and Wonju to play games.

His outstanding elasticity and hitting are his strengths. He himself says that the ground is his strong point, but in his game he showed his strength with his batting. He became a rising star in the bantamweight division by winning 7 straight victories after turning professional, and he has said that he wants to face the bantamweight champion Moon Moon-hun in this tournament.

Sheydulayev is on an eight-game winning streak based on strong wrestling. He is good at hitting, and he has the ability to finish both hitting and grounding. He finished all eight fights by KO and submission.

Prior to this match, expectations for Yang Ji-yong were high as Cha Min-hyeok, Han Sang-kwon, Park Hyung-geun, Yoon Tae-young, and Park Hae-jin all lost to foreign players.

Yang Ji-yong was good in the beginning. He dragged the game by holding back with kicks and punches. In a situation where they were sharing punches, Sheydulayev succeeded in a takedown by grabbing Jiyong Yang’s waist as if he felt that it was not easy to hit. Yang Ji-yong tried to get out, but Sheydulayev placed a rear naked choke from behind, and Yang Ji-yong held on and ended up hitting a tap.

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