The World Cup, which has been waiting for four years, is just 100 days away. The women’s national soccer team, which suffered the pain of losing all three group matches in the 2019 French tournament, is determined to gain confidence in the evaluation match with Zambia and head to the final stage. 

The women’s soccer team, led by coach Bell, will play an evaluation match against Zambia at Mir Stadium in Yongin at 7:00 pm on the 11th. Belho won 5-2 in the first leg against Zambia on the 7th. Victory is also the top priority in the second game, which will be the last to match hands and feet before the final convocation in June. 

“My goal is to win both games (against Zambia),” said coach Bell, who is facing two consecutive matches against Zambia. We will also check various tactical elements, but the most important is organization. He emphasized that it is also important to build confidence while bringing results ahead of the first match of the World Cup.” 

This two-game series is a mock test with Morocco in one group at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, which opens on July 20. Korea, ranked 17th in the FIFA rankings, boasts several levels of power over Morocco (73rd). It is considered an opponent that must be caught in order to advance to the tournament. 

Zambia (ranked 77th), who had a similar strength and team color to Morocco, was a perfect opponent for the evaluation match. In the first game, Belho’s strengths and improvements were clearly revealed. Belho struggled with the attack using the explosive speed and individual skills unique to the African team. In particular, the defensive response in the counterattack situation was insufficient. 

Of course, after the first game, coach Bell said, “I am satisfied that we turned over a game that was down 1-2. The reversal of the win will be able to act as a positive DNA for our team.” It was encouraging that he scored 4 goals only in the second half when his stamina was low. This is a point where it can be evaluated that the ‘high-intensity’ training that Bell has emphasized has seen the light. 

Confirming the potential of Chun Ga-ram, a forward born in 2002, and Park Eun-seon, a 1m81cm tall striker, tasted a goal after 9 years were good news. He proved that even at the World Cup he could use his height to change his mood. Above all, it is the biggest harvest to win despite the lack of major resources such as Ji So-yeon, Lee Min-ah, and Choi Yu-ri. 

In the second match against Zambia, it is expected that they will try to stabilize the defense and maximize organizational power.메이저사이트 In the World Cup, small mistakes lead to goals, so it is necessary to check the movement to prevent the opponent’s counterattack by reducing pass misses. It is also an opportunity to overcome the difference in performance between the main players and those who are not, although the participation of the main players is unclear. 

Bellho will convene again on June 17 after completing the schedule in April. After his final training session, he confirms his World Cup roster and heads to Australia, the land of the final battle in July. Starting with Colombia (26th) on July 25 in the first round of the group stage, Korea will clash with Morocco and Germany (2nd) in turn.

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