“Webtoon writers earn more than large companies.”

It was found that the average monthly income of webtoon writers far exceeds that of employees of large companies of the same age. As the size of the webtoon industry is growing rapidly, the treatment of webtoon artists is also improving. The number of webtoon writers is steadily increasing due to improving treatment and the popularity of the job.

On the 12th, data from a survey of 360 webtoon creators was released at the seminar ‘The role and value of webtoon platforms from the perspective of creators’ held jointly by the Digital Economy Forum and BK21, Yonsei University’s Graduate School of Information . The subjects of the survey are writers who have experience publishing official serials on webtoon platforms such as Naver and Kakao within the past three years or who have posted their works on amateur pages.

What is especially noteworthy is the writer’s average monthly income. The average monthly income of all writers was found to be 5,398,000 won. It was found that professional writers earn an average monthly income of 7.441 million won, and amateur writers earn 3.8 million won.

The average age was similar to that of those entering the workforce. According to the survey results, the average age of writers was 31.8 years old. If we look at the average value, it means that a 31.8-year-old earns an average of 5,398,000 won per month.

This is a high average monthly income compared to workers of the same age group at large companies. According to the ‘Job Administrative Statistics’ of the National Statistics Portal, the average monthly income of office workers at large companies aged 30 to 34 as of 2021 is 4.76 million won. When compared to people of the same age in their early 30s, the average monthly income of webtoon writers is approximately 600,000 won more than that of office workers at large소닉카지노 corporations.

The number of webtoon writers is rapidly increasing due to the ‘high income’ of webtoon writers, which far exceeds that of office workers at large corporations. According to the Korea Creative Content Agency’s ‘2022 Survey on Webtoon Writers’, the total number of domestic webtoon writers as of 2021 was 9,326. This is an increase of 25.9% compared to 2020 (7,407 people) and more than double that of 2014 (4,661 people).

The reason for the increase in the number of webtoon artists and their improved treatment is the rapid growth of the domestic webtoon industry. The size of the webtoon industry in 2021 was estimated at 1.566 trillion won. This is more than four times larger than in 2017.

The growth rate also appears to be accelerating. ▷ KRW 379.9 billion in 2017 ▷ KRW 466.3 billion in 2018 ▷ KRW 640 billion in 2019 ▷ KRW 1.0538 trillion in 2020, expanding each year to a larger scale than the previous year.

As the webtoon industry continues to grow and the treatment of writers continues to improve, there are many people who aim to earn 100 million won per year as webtoon writers. In the case of Naver Webtoon, which is known to be the best in the industry, there are three main areas of profit generation: ▷ paid sales transaction amount ▷ advertising through webtoons and web novels ▷ IP business such as video and gamification .

The industry explains that if you add the paid sales transaction amount, which is known to be 60-70% distributed to the author, and the monthly fee, which is known to be the highest in the industry, it is not difficult to earn 100 million won per year.

Due to the popularity of webtoons, the explosive growth of the industry scale and the improvement in the treatment of webtoon writers, the number of people attempting to become webtoon writers is expected to continue for the time being.

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