Korean Air, which achieved the great feat of winning the V-League three times in a row, is now set out to conquer Asia.

The Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) announced the grouping of the 2023 Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship (hereinafter referred to as ACC) to be held in Manama, Bahrain from May 14 to 21 through official SNS on the 11th. The 16 participating teams were divided into 4 groups of 4 teams in each group.

Korean Air was placed in Group A. Group A includes Al Ahli of Bahrain, the host country, Canberra Heat (Australia) and Jakarta Bayangkara (Indonesia). If Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln) had participated in this tournament, he could have expected an ‘Australian civil war’ with the Canberra Heat, which is dominated by his players, but Lincoln does not participate in this tournament. Lincoln said in a comment window on AVC’s official SNS, “It would have been great (to face Canberra Heat), but my body needs a break after a long season,” and announced that he would not participate in the competition.

In addition to Korean Air, there are teams that attract the attention of volleyball fans. Particular attention should be paid to group C. Group C belongs to the prestigious Suntory Sunbirds of the Japanese V.League. It is a strong team with a large number of players active in their national team, such as Oya Masaki (Japan), Peng Shikun (China), and Dmitri Mushalsky (Russia), and they are by far the leading candidates for Group C.

Bayanhongor (Mongolia), which belongs to Group C along with Suntory, is also a team worth paying attention to. It is heard that Bayar Saihan (Inha University) and Eddie (Sungkyunkwan University), who are the aces of the U-League and applied for the V-League men’s Asia Quarter side by side, will join this team and participate in the tournament. Volleyball fans who are curious to see what Bayarsaihan and Eddy will look like at the pro level should watch Bayanhongor’s match.토토사이트

In addition to this, Jakarta Bayangkara, which was a team of Daudy Okello who went through Hyundai Capital and KEPCO last season, and Shahdab Azd (Iran) led by Iranian national middle blocker Reza Abedini also attract attention. However, in the case of Daudi, he may not show up as much as he participates in the V-League tryout held from May 6th to 8th, right before the tournament.

As it is unusual for a club to participate in an international competition rather than a national team, many volleyball fans are focusing on Bahrain. Attention is focusing on whether Korean Air will be able to rise to the top of Asia beyond the top of the V-League.

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