Amazon founder Jeff Bezos asked Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway. “Your investment philosophy is easy to understand. Besides, you are the second richest person in the world. But why don’t people follow you?” Buffett replied, “Because everyone wants to get rich fast, nobody wants to get rich slowly.”

Among those born in capitalist society, there is probably no one who does not dream of economic freedom. However, only 0.001% of people reach economic freedom on their own. The most important reason is that capitalist society does not teach capitalism to its members. Since we have never learned how money works in capitalism, a system driven by money, we cannot see the way to economic freedom.

This book says the road to financial freedom is simple. Ben Carlson and Robin Powell, who wrote the book, are masters of wealth management. By analyzing companies and asset markets that symbolize capitalism, it presents a simple way for anyone to reach economic freedom. This book contains how to invest time and succeed while seeing with your own eyes how the asset market has grown over the past 100 years.

Emphasizes that two things are necessary to go on the road to economic freedom. The secrets of capitalist society are ‘understanding the algorithm of money’ and ‘practicing the secrets learned’. Anyone who knows the algorithm of money can understand ‘why the rich get richer’. Also, you can learn how to use the financial freedom you have achieved for yourself and ‘leave it as a legacy’ to your children.

This book explains the path to financial freedom in great clarity. Individuals have different abilities. He cannot live a life outside of that framework with his own abilities. If you have the eyes to recognize people who are better than you, and even great companies, you can fuse your life with the capabilities of people who are considered the best in the world and the companies they work for. And there are even more amazing ways that no one ever fails. This book tells you how to reach financial freedom in that amazing way.

Traps of Capitalism

There are too many traps about money in capitalist society토토사이트. You may have heard the term YOLO . It means enjoy the moment. But this is eating away at the future. That’s not to say don’t enjoy it. It means preparing for the future and enjoying the present. Warren Buffett says anyone can become rich if they prepare for such a long future.

Capitalism grows around consumption. Temptations to consume are everywhere. My consumption of a mobile phone means paying a salary to the person who made the phone, kept it, and sold it. Investing time and working at a job and distributing the money earned to others as a salary is called consumption. This book talks about how to prepare for the future before starting to consume.

our life is finite If you don’t save and invest your time right now, your life will be full of darkness. How can I use my finite time to reach economic freedom quickly? The answer is never ‘make money fast’. ‘Slowly, but how anyone can reach economic freedom’ is included in this book.

The money that gives you economic freedom is made with ‘time you call life’. Most of us spend almost half of our day at work to earn money. That’s why money, the price of time in exchange for my life, is important. This book defines economic freedom as a state in which the money I have grows faster than the amount of money I spend. Achieving financial freedom means that you no longer have to earn money using the time that is part of your life.

Freedom called life

Humans earn money with given time, and when the size of the money reaches economic freedom, they get ‘the freedom called my life’ with money. The authors say that the most equitable asset given to anyone is time. Making use of this time is life, and in fact, we solve everything with time.

But if you don’t have the money to buy your freedom, you’ll probably have to sell your time to continue earning money to survive. Financial freedom is ‘the freedom to live the life you want without having to work on someone else’s timetable for money, and not relying on luck or the generosity of others’. The way to get there is not complicated. But time is important and time is needed. Time is the most valuable resource, and the only one that is not the least unequal.

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