Wembanyama is getting in shape for his NBA debut.

Victor Wembanyama’s trainer Guillaume Alquer, who is participating in the 2023 NBA draft, recently had an interview with ‘ESPN’. Trainer Alquire talked about taking care of Wembanyama’s body.

Wembanyama is very likely to be selected by the San Antonio Spurs with the number one pick in the upcoming draft. He is a player with overwhelming physical condition of 224cm tall and 244cm wingspan. He is also a big man with quick speed, dribbling ability, and shooting ability.

Wembanyama is being evaluated as the best talent since LeBron James. But there are also concerns about him. Wembanyama’s weight is in the early 100kg. It’s a disappointing frame to face against the big men playing in the NBA.

To this end, Alquire trainer is putting all his energy into conditioning Wembanyama.

Trainer Al Queer said, “Victor Wembanyama is gaining weight normally. But he is not trying to gain 5 to 10kg. If that happens, Wembanyama’s knees or joints may have problems.”

Born in 2004, Wembanyama hasn’t finished growing yet. That’s why excessive exercise or training can be poison to him.

Trainer Alquire explained, “Wembanyama’s body is not yet complete. We are training with this in mind.”

Then, what kind of training is the Alquire trainer especially emphasizing on Wembanyama? He focused on strengthening Wembanyama’s lower body.

“If your feet are healthy, the relevant parts are also healthy,” said Trainer Alquer. After jumping, the feet touch the floor first. After that, you need to create energy. “he said.

It’s definitely the talent everyone is looking forward to. However, if you get injured due to poor body management, the value of your talent will inevitably fall. Wembanyama is also aware of this and is working hard in training.토토사이트

Trainer Alquer said, “Wembanyama hopes to improve. He is focusing on training. He is also actively involved in all training.”

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