Declan Rice is the embodiment of loyalty, having dedicated 7 seasons to West Ham United. He grew up at Chelsea youth, but made both his professional and England debut for West Ham.

Rice is also a top-class midfielder in the league who even has the English national team title as a ‘home-grown’ player. The team approaching him was significant. He has been strongly linked to Chelsea, who discovered and raised him during his youth, and more recently to Arsenal.

West Ham managed to overcome the relegation crisis in the 2022-2023 season and lifted the UEFA (European Football Federation) Europa Conference League championship cup. While he was sluggish in the league, there were many rumors about Rice, and a transfer looked really promising this summer. That is, until Rice’s direct remarks.

Rice was asked about her future by a fan. He seemed to be spending his personal time outdoors, dressed in comfortable clothes. When asked which club he would like to go to, Rice replied: “I’m not going anywhere. I don’t want to pick any team. West Ham is my team”. The video was reportedly filmed on the weekend after the Europa Conference League final.메이저놀이터

Rice has a contract with West Ham until June 2024. He has an option for a one-year extension, and Rice has declined to renew his contract. West Ham chairman David Sullivan said: “I promised to let him go, and he wanted to leave.”

It must have been difficult for me to say that I would abandon the team and leave in front of the fans facing each other one-on-one. Anyway, the club’s permission fell, and West Ham confirmed Rice’s clear intention to transfer. I wonder if Rice will launch Arsenal’Official’.

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