‘1⅓ innings perfect!’

Right-handed pitcher Park Se-woong (28, Lotte) is one of the few resources that showed hope at the ‘2023 World Baseball Classic’. The same goes for the match against Japan on the 10th. Even in his terrible mound, he showed his presence. As the 10th pitcher, he closed the game without allowing an extra run. Park Se-woong, who took over the baton with two outs loaded at the end of the 7th inning, cleanly set up four batters in 1⅓ innings. He had no hits or walks. If Park Se-woong scored even one point, Korea would have suffered a greater humiliation of losing a cold game.

Park Se-woong was mainly assigned a starting job in the league. He played 184 of 196 career games as a starter. Memories of playing in the bullpen should go back until 2018. On September 15, against Nexen (now Kiwoom), he recorded 2 walks and no runs in 1 inning. It is not a familiar position, and the flow itself has passed to the opponent. Park Se-woong was persevering. Park Se-woong, who said, “It’s been a while since I threw in the middle of a game,” said, “There was nothing nervous. He had runners, so he was prepared to score as little as possible.”먹튀검증

Park Se-woong showed off his good condition ahead of this tournament. In the practice game against the Hanshin Tigers held at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on the 7th, he showed a heavy pitch. He pitched two innings and gave up no hits or walks. He checked the sliders and curves evenly, centering on fast balls that reached up to 149 km. It was a card he wanted to save for the next game, but he had no choice but to take it out due to continuous concessions. Park Se-woong said, “It seems that my efforts to throw strikes worked a little.”

He threw vigorously, but the team lost and the light faded. Park Se-woong said, “All players come out with a desire to win. We played together as one, but we didn’t get the results we wanted.” He expressed his apologies to his fans. Park Se-woong was predicted to be the starting pitcher for the match against the Czech Republic on the 12th. Park Se-woong said, “There are many people who watched it on TV in Korea as well as people who came to Japan to support me. “I’m sorry,” he said. “Now we have to play a game to win unconditionally. I want to make you laugh even a little,” he expressed his sincerity.

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