Last July, the life of Ms. A, a 21-year-old woman who dreamed of becoming a soldier to protect the weak, changed completely. Ms. A suffered terrible threats and assault from her one-time boyfriend. He shaved Ms. A’s hair with a barber (hair clipper), rented her officetel, confined her for 4 nights and 5 days, and assaulted her. He also subjected her to torturous levels of abuse, including urinating on A’s face, spitting on her, and forcing her to kneel naked.

Although she escaped with her life, Mr. A and his parents are going through a nightmarish time. Ms. A, who recently returned to her home after receiving psychiatric inpatient treatment, sleeps curled up on the veranda every night. Ms. A’s parents have stopped working and are staying by her daughter’s side. In an interview with Dong-A Ilbo on the 1st, Mr. A emphasized, “Victims like me can only be prevented if the perpetrator is properly punished and this incident is not forgotten.” This is why he had a difficult interview.

On the 4th of last month, the Uijeongbu District Prosecutors’ Office’s Namyangju Branch Criminal Division 1 (Chief Son Jeong-sook) sent Mr. A’s ex-boyfriend, Mr. B (26), to trial on charges of rape, violation of the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes, special threats, confinement, coercion, and assault. . It is reported that Mr. B is denying all of her charges, saying, “I was engaged to the victim, and all crimes were committed with the consent of the victim.” -How are you doing? “After receiving treatment at the hospital, I recently returned home. However, when I try to sleep in bed, the things that happened in the officetel bed come to mind. If I fall asleep even for a moment, I have dreams of being tormented by the assailant. When that happens, I get startled and wake up screaming. “I run to the place. I can sleep for a little while on the narrow veranda.”

-When did the assault begin?

“On July 7th, three days before I was locked up in the officetel, they threatened me to leave the house on the night of the 4th. They waited all night in the underground parking lot of the apartment complex and told me that if I didn’t come out, they would kill everyone, including my parents. If I didn’t leave, incidents that I only saw on the news would happen. “I went out naked around 5 a.m. the next day. As soon as I got into the car, they took my cell phone and hit me with their fists and feet. After I was taken to his house, I was continuously assaulted.”

-What is the reason for confinement in the officetel?

“After beating you at his house for two days, on the afternoon of the 7th, he made me sign a contract for a newly built officetel in Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do under my name. “I wanted to beat you as much as I want because people around me could hear the noise and report me.” This was the savings my parents gave me . They canceled their contract and made them pay the deposit and monthly rent , and they were locked there from that day on.

Five rules were written down in notes and made to memorize, and if they couldn’t answer right away when asked, they were slapped. Don’t make them speak twice, and don’t do anything else when speaking. All I had to do was to concentrate, answer “okay,” not mention anything to the man, and stick together as much as possible. The reason I remember how many times I got hit was because I counted out loud every time I got hit: 30, 60, 100, etc. “He also told me to take off my glasses because I have to hit him in the face.”

-There was a dog in the officetel.

” The dog in the officetel was adopted by him. My family was raising a dog, and he knew that I had a lot of affection for the dog. He threatened to kill the dog if I didn’t tell him honestly that he had been in contact with another man. He killed the dog and put my face on his face. He said many bizarre things about rubbing his body. He was also treated like a pet dog. He was told to relieve himself on a dog litter pad. He was made to kneel and take off his clothes and said, “You should be treated like that dog.”

-Were there any problems during your relationship before this incident?

“During our 1 year and 6 months of dating, there was no assault. He came to my house and even met my parents. However, after losing a lot of money in stocks, he started to토토사이트 raise his voice and use harsh words. A male classmate in the same department. “I was suspicious because there were a lot of them, and I checked my cell phone frequently and secretly took it for forensics. He also explained to me in detail how to obtain drugs. He also suggested that I try actual drugs.”

-The perpetrator claims that it was not imprisonment but cohabitation.

“During the police investigation, I was told that he did it because I asked him to shave his head and I asked him to hit me. But can he say that even after looking at my own head? What’s really sad is that he was sexually assaulted and it makes no sense for him to try to get away just because he was a lover. I think so. The police also asked me if it was consensual since we were lovers. Looking at me, I wondered if such a thing could be said.Wasn’t he even arrested as a red-handed criminal? The perpetrator must be severely punished.”

– In every case of dating violence, criticism pours in on the victim, asking “Why did it happen?”

“Because it was a close relationship, it was impossible to avoid it. I knew where my family’s house was, what my parents did, the faces of my family members, and all their personal information. He locked me up and continued to threaten me, saying, “If you sue me, I will kill you and your family no matter what,” and “My family is rich, and my father not only does legal work. I will have kids from the Philippines and China cut out your heart.” . In a way, it seems like gaslighting continued.”

-Are there any problems during the investigation process?

“It is difficult because the victim has to collect evidence himself. A convenience store with a closed-circuit ( CC ) TV to prove the alleged perpetrator had me go there in person to show the video for privacy reasons. After watching the video, I hyperventilated and collapsed. Does this make sense? Families also had to stop working and look for evidence. The father also obtained a CCTV video of him taking off his glasses and being slapped on the cheek while coming down from the rooftop, which he submitted to the police after he complained to the manager of the management office several times. It is said that the black box of the vehicle containing the perpetrator’s crime and the weapon were not secured as the search and seizure warrant was issued late. The system must be changed so that the police can investigate more actively and quickly.

“I wanted to be a soldier. It seemed cool to see the strong protecting the weak. But then I became a victim of a crime. I thought a lot about how I never want a second victim like me to emerge again because of this incident. I want the perpetrator to be properly punished, “This incident will never be forgotten, and I don’t want anyone to experience something like this. I would like to tell anyone who has suffered damage like this to not endure it and to have the courage to report it to the police.”

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