In 2023 Hanwha and Eagles in 2022, upgrades were made in each category of pitching and airlift. Players by position and depth have become thicker. The selection and bullpen resources have increased, and the competition between fielders has been created. ‘Present power’, not ‘future power’, has increased.

In the 7 practice games held at the spring camp, they had 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. No matter how much it was a practice game, the atmosphere has definitely changed from before.

There is another power to show off in the demonstration game. They are veteran bullpen pitchers Jung Woo-ram (38) and Park Sang-won (29).

197 saves and 137 holds in 952 games over the past 19 years. ‘Legend’ Jung Woo-ram, a 20-year-old pro, is a competitive bullpen resource again this year. He is a pitcher this year and even served as captain. Kim Beom-soo said, “Our team’s pitching staff always had a good atmosphere. It’s because there is senior Jung Woo-ram, who is the spiritual supporter.” The trust of juniors is strong.

Last year, in 23 games, he recorded 1 save, 7 holds (1 loss), and an average ERA of 2.95. Due to an injury, he was out of power for a long time, and he only pitched 18⅓ innings. This year, the camp prepared meticulously. Worries about injuries are gone.

Jung Woo-ram is the first in the KBO league to play in 1,000 games and make 200 saves. However, he is a captain who puts the team ahead of his personal record. He said, “When I look back, my goal this year is to create a season that will be remembered as a meaningful year.”먹튀검증

He did not pitch in practice games held during the camp. Under the consideration of the coaching staff, he is adjusting his condition according to the opening season. He is in good physical condition even if he goes on the mound right away. Sooner or later, he plans to pitch in a demonstration game to enhance his sense of practice.

Park Sang-won (29) returned from military service in August of last year. In his last season, he pitched 12 innings in 14 games, with 4 holds and an earned run average of 2.25. This year, it is possible to operate at full capacity from the opening. The role to be played has grown.

He is a key force in the bullpen that is being discussed as a closer candidate along with Jang Si-hwan and Kim Bum-soo. After the Arizona spring camp in the United States, he dropped out of the first team camp in Okinawa. It was due to concerns about an injury to his right arm. Fortunately, the examination results revealed that there was nothing wrong.

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