Video review (VAR) is being used for the purpose of experience and education.

The 2023 Spring Korea Women’s Football Federation is being held in Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do from the 18th. Starting with the preliminary round for the elementary school on the first day of the tournament, they entered into a fierce battle until the 28th.

Video review (VAR) was also introduced in this competition. With the support of the Korea Football Association (KFA), the Korea Women’s Football Federation introduced VAR to some games this year as well as last year. We prepared an opportunity for soccer young girls to experience VAR. Last year, the university department experienced VAR, and this year, it is being operated for high school games. Oh Kyu-sang, president of the Women’s Football Federation, said, “We will introduce anything that is good for women’s soccer players.”

VAR, which is used in actual A-matches or K-League, was introduced. International referees from the Korea Football Association were also put in to help with accurate decisions in the VAR room. An official from the Women’s Football Federation said, “We actually made it possible for young girls to experience the VAR used in A-match or K-League in advance. This year, 10 girls’ high school games are targeted. The response from the students is also good.”

On the second day of the tournament, VAR was used in the preliminaries between Incheon Design High School and Daejeon Hanbit High School, which were the girls’ first match. Ahyeon Kim (16), a freshman at Incheon Design High School who experienced VAR, said, “We can make sure that the judgment is not accurate. I think VAR is good.” Still, the judgment seems to have been made correctly,” she looked back.

Jang Jong-pil,토토사이트 an international referee from the Korea Football Association, also visited the site. Referee Jang Jong-pil highly praised the fact that young girls could experience VAR. Referee Jang Jong-pil said, “It is clear that this is not an easy opportunity to experience. I think there are a lot of things that soccer young girls experience directly after watching it on TV. You will be able to feel something new in the soccer game,” he explained.

It is used not only for children’s experiences but also for referees’ educational purposes. Referees who receive education along with veteran referees watch the game in the VAR room and learn how to use it. You can experience firsthand how VAR is used in a real game. Referee Jang Jong-pil said, “I heard a lot about VAR in theory when educating referees. But it’s better to try it yourself. If you experience it yourself through this kind of competition, there are many things that touch you and the effect is high.”

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