Am I not catching it? can’t I catch it?

Kiwoom Heroes released pitcher Han Hyun-hee (29) as a free agent this winter. Han Hyun-hee, who is capable of both selection and bullpen, was evaluated as ‘the greatest pitcher’ because of her young age. However, his unsigned status is lengthening. This is because there is not much interest in Kiwoom even though the possibility of transfer is not high due to various market conditions.

An official from the Kiwoom club said, “There is no contact from the player side.” ‘There is no contact from the player side’ can be interpreted as meaning that they will not open a dialogue window first. As much as that, Kiwoom is not active in Han Hyun-hee’s contract.

There is a reason. Kiwoom has already reinforced the mound in preparation for the departure of Han Hyun-hee. On the 19th of last month, NC Dinos signed a 4-year, 2.5 billion won contract with bullpen Won Jong-hyun, who was released as a free agent. It is the first time since outfielder Lee Taek-geun in 2012 that the Heroes, founded in 2008, transfused an outside agent, and the second time ever. Considering that Lee Taek-geun was re-enlisted after the trade, it was a ‘surprise contract’ that broke 스포츠토토 everyone’s expectations. Kiwoom did not stop here. In the released player market, contracts with veterans Lim Chang-min, Hong Seong-min, and Byun Si-won, and depth (player class) were further strengthened. All four players have a lot of bullpen experience. Coincidentally, Won Jong-hyun and Byun Si-won have the same pitching type (side arms) as Han Hyun-hee.

Heroes, which do not have a parent company, sell naming rights (the right to attach a corporate name to the team name) to Kiwoom Securities for five years from 2019, and receive 10 billion won a year in return. Compared to other clubs, the living expenses were not generous, so I moved passively every year in the Stove League. I opened my wallet this winter, but reasonable investment is the basic premise. Divide a limited amount and invest in the right place. Outfielder Lee Hyeong-jong, who signed a 4-year, 2 billion won contract as a free agent in the Futures (2nd division) league, is a representative example. As the ransom of first-team free agents skyrocketed, they attacked the niche market of second-team free agents.

Kiwoom doesn’t have much power to catch Han Hyun-hee. He has already spent around 5 billion won on external recruits during the offseason. As the team finished runner-up in the Korean Series, an increase in the overall salary of the team is likely. Even if they want to retain Han Hyun-hee, it is difficult to afford his ransom, which costs billions of won. The fact that they have already prepared alternatives for departure is also an obstacle to negotiations on remaining. There is a high possibility that he will follow in the footsteps of Park Byeong-ho, who transferred to KT Wiz a year ago, as the FA negotiations became a long-term battle.

As a result of daily sports coverage, most clubs are not active in recruiting Han Hyun-hee. An official from the club, who requested anonymity, said, “I don’t think it will be easy to move unless it is a sign and trade. The overall evaluation of the player is not as good as expected. Compared to a year ago, the situation has changed a lot.” said. Han Hyun-hee is an FA A grade. When a grade A player is recruited, he must compensate the original team for 20 protected players and 1 person plus 200% of the previous year’s salary. 300% of his previous year’s salary if he only wants cash. Han Hyun-hee’s annual salary this season was 250 million won. A club that feels the burden of compensation may want ‘Sat’, but it is unknown whether Kiwoom will accept it. An official from the club drew the line, saying, “It will take a little time. We can pass the year,” and “Sart is not thinking about it yet.”

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