I see a person wearing a black T-shirt through the thick grass.

This is 67-year-old A, who was reported missing in Ganghwa, Incheon on the 22nd, ahead of the heavy rain warning.

When the father, who had gone for a short walk in the morning, did not return for over an hour and could not be contacted because the cell phone battery was discharged, the 31-year-old son B reported to the police to find his father around 11:30 am.

Mr. B’s father was a patient suffering from dementia.

After checking the picture of Mr. A and his impression, the police began to search the hills in a radius of 1 km using communication base station information.

However, for more than 4 hours, Mr. A’s whereabouts were unknown, and raindrops began to fall one by one.

The moment everyone was shouting ‘Father’ and ‘Uncle’ while handing out flyers to passersby, a faint sound was heard.

[ Inspector Hyunjoo Lee | Incheon Ganghwa Police Station Shimdo Police Station: A faint sound uhhh… I think I can hear it So, we are Mister! Because yes! do. It was 3m away from the incision, and it was hidden by a forest of trees, so I couldn’t move. ]

The found body of Mr. A was covered in blood bruises.

He was walking down the street and fell and was stuck.

[ Inspector Hyunjoo Lee | Incheon Ganghwa Police Station Shimdo Police Station: I was injured after falling down, so I could crawl up if possible, but I sat there and couldn’t move. ]

In fact, Inspector Lee Hyeon-joo, who was in charge of the patrol team, experienced something similar four years ago.

He was dispatched after receiving a report that 체스카지노an old man with dementia was missing, but he was unable to find it and was later found as a white body.

Inspector Lee, who had this incident in his mind for a long time, thought that he had to find Mr. A before it was too late this time, and went on a desperate search.

[ Inspector Hyunjoo Lee | Incheon Ganghwa Police Station Shimdo Police Box: After a while, it becomes night and it is very difficult to find. So, I hurriedly called the staff and mobilized three parts of the riot police… I asked the staff to find it together and luckily found it. ]

Mr. A, who was found safely with the efforts of many people, was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

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