What issues and videos have caught the attention of netizens in the global social media and ever-changing Internet world?

The first is the world’s first press conference between humans and AI robots. The artificial intelligence AI forum was

held in Geneva, Switzerland, hosted by an organization affiliated with the United Nations on the 7th local time . The event that received the most attention at the forum today! It is the world’s first human-robot press conference. Nine humanoid robots with occupations such as nurses, singers, and painters attended the event. Questions such as “Are robots taking away human jobs?” and “Do you have any thoughts of rebelling against their creators?” [Grace/ AI robot for medical treatment: “I will work alongside humans to provide help and support and will not replace existing jobs.”] [Ameca / AI robot: “I don’t know why you think that. My creator is kind to me. And I am very satisfied with the current situation.”] However, one robot replied, ” AI robots can be better leaders than humans토토사이트” but then changed its position when the creator disagreed. Meanwhile, most of the robots introduced on this day are the latest version of generative AI.

, and the organizers described this press conference as a place to show the capabilities and limitations of robotics.

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