Ryu Hyun-in (22), a rookie of the KT Wiz, expressed his aspiration to meet Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop again on the stage of the first team.

Ryu Hyun-in won the Outstanding Player Award at the 2022 Baseball Softball Night held at the Seoul Garden Hotel in Dohwa-dong, Seoul on the 19th.

Ryu Hyun-in, who became a hot topic by appearing on the baseball entertainment show ‘Strongest Baseball’, became the third hitter at Dankook University this year and played an active role in 24 games with a batting average of . In the 2023 rookie draft, he was nominated by KT in the 7th round (rank 70) and achieved his dream of joining the pros.

Ryu Hyun-in said in an interview at the awards ceremony, “Now I am participating in the finishing camp and working out with new players in Iksan. He expressed his feelings about joining the pro team, saying, “I think it’s good because the new environment is fun and it feels different to exercise in a professional uniform.” Ryu Hyun-in, who did not come to the draft at the time of the 2023 토토사이트 rookie draft, looked back at his earnestness at the time, saying, “I didn’t even think about the probability of nomination. I just wanted to be nominated.”

Ryu Hyun-in, who is receiving a lot of attention for appearing on the show, said, “I am grateful for the support of many fans. Thanks to that, baseball is more fun and I have a lot of thoughts that I want to work harder.” When asked if the interest from the strongest baseball is not burdensome, Ryu Hyun-in replied, “I will accept this as an opportunity.”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop, whom he met at the strongest baseball, took office as the new Doosan coach. If Ryu Hyeon-in joins the first team next year, he may meet coach Lee Seung-yeop as an opposing team. Ryu Hyun-in laughed, saying, “I think it will be a success if I go up to the first team quickly and meet coach Lee Seung-yeop.”

Ryu Hyeon-in, who went to college after not being nominated as a pro in high school, said, “(Thanks to the introduction of the early draft), even if you don’t get nominated once, you have two more chances. It didn’t end there, but I think it would be nice to prepare better and learn a lot at university. I also came to college and filled up my shortcomings and improved a lot,” cheering the juniors.

Ryu Hyun-in, who is still receiving more attention for appearing in the strongest baseball than baseball skills, said, “The strongest baseball is still a broadcast program. Now, I just want to show myself as a baseball player. I will show you a better image and show a more confident image.”