Noise continues about the Spanish women’s soccer team that토토사이트 won the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

This is because the head of the Spanish Football Association forcibly kissed a female player at an awards ceremony, and this time, coach Jorge Villa was caught touching a female coach’s chest.

The Spanish women’s soccer team won the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup final held at the Accor Stadium in Sydney, Australia on the 20th by beating England 1-0.

However, coach Bilda touched the female coach’s chest while hugging with his coaches during the final, and this was captured on the broadcast screen.

Last year, 15 players of the Spanish women’s national team sent an e-mail to the Royal Spanish Football Federation asking for their dismissal, saying, “Coach Vilda speaks abusively and abusively to the players,” and “There are many problems with the way he coaches.” It’s growing.

At the time, despite the players’ comments, the Spanish Football Federation did not dismiss Vilda. However, the person who trusted coach Bilda was the head of the Rubiales Football Association, who caused the controversy over the ‘forced kiss’.

President Rubiales also got on the cutting board after hugging and forcibly kissing Spanish player Henifer Hermoso at the awards ceremony right after the final.

As the controversy spread, Hermoso said, “It was a natural expression of affection as it came from a momentary feeling,” and “he and his national team are maintaining a good relationship.”

Chairman Rubiales also expressed his apology, saying, “I was overwhelmed with emotions at the time,” and “There was no bad intention at all.”

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