The Korea Volleyball Association announced on the 22nd that it had signed an official sponsorship agreement with Ceragem for the men’s and women’s national teams to develop the volleyball industry and improve the performance of national players.

Through this agreement, Ceragem supports the smooth running of major competitions held by the national team, such as the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Paris Olympics, by 2024.

We plan to jointly promote various activities with the Volleyball Association to expand the base of domestic volleyball culture. In addition, it has decided to provide health care appliances such as the Master V7 to training facilities to help players manage their physical condition.

Master V7, provided to athletes, is a product of Ceragem’s 25 years of medical device technology. It treats spinal diseases such as herniated disc (disc) and degenerative stenosis, relieves muscle pain, improves blood circulation, and menstrual pain through intensive heat and close massage. help with treatment, etc.

The Korea Volleyball Association plans to cooperate in promoting the Ceragem brand and healthcare appliances by utilizing various promotional contents such as national team player uniforms and stadium boards.

Ceragem is actively engaged in sports marketing in various fields such as golf and basketball as well as volleyball for the development of the Korean sports industry.

From 2021 to this year, we signed an official sponsorship with the Korea Professional Golf Association for three consecutive years to support Korean professional golf players, and last year and this year, we participated as an official sponsor of the Korea Professional Basketball League All-Star Game.

Chairman Oh Han-nam of the Korea Volleyball Association said, “It is an honor to sign a sponsorship agreement with Ceragem, Korea’s leading medical device manufacturer. I hope that we will grow together with Ceragem as a sponsor for the national volleyball team.”안전놀이터

Ceragem CEO Lee Kyung-soo said, “We will spare no support for the development of the volleyball industry through this agreement. We hope that the national volleyball players will do well in the upcoming Asian Games based on close cooperation.”

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