“I will never forget the support, cheers, and love I received from the fans here, and I will always cherish them.”

‘Lion King’ Oh Se-geun, who had kept Anyang for 12 years from 2011 to 2023, finally decided to transfer. On the 18th, he signed with Seoul SK for a contract period of 3 years and a total fee of 750 million won, and moved the team for the first time after his professional debut.

Oh Se-geun won four championships with KGC after being selected as the first overall pick in the 2011 KBL Rookie Draft. He was at the center of the championship from the 2011-12 season to the 2016-17 season, 2020-21 season, and 2022-23 season, and was also selected as the Finals MVP three times.

In the history of the club, Oh Se-geun was a player who was certain to be permanently absent along with Yang Hee-jong. For this reason, in the FA market this year, the view that he would remain rather than transfer was dominant. However, the negotiation process was not good, and in the end, in response to SK’s active courtship, he decided to transfer for the first time in his debut.

It wouldn’t have been an easy choice. Leaving behind 12 years in Anyang is a difficult thing to dare to sympathize with. On the night of the 18th, when Oh Se-geun delivered the news of the transfer, he said his last goodbye to fans through SNS.

He didn’t just leave a message. Oh Se-geun wrote replies to comments from not only KGC fans but also SK fans, players, club officials, and acquaintances. Although Oh Se-geun does not use social media often, he spent the first night after the transfer writing to as many people as possible on this day.

The following is the full text of Oh Se-geun’s social media post.

hello. This is Oh Se-geun.

First of all, I think many fans were surprised by the sudden change of team. I joined Anyang KGC in 2011 and have been with this team as Anyang’s franchise player for 12 years, until 2023, and have lifted 4 trophies.

Leaving Anyang KGC, where I gave my all, was not an easy decision for me as I spent several days awake and thinking about it. Even before the afterglow of the championship was gone, I felt a big disappointment and collapse while negotiating free agency. In the meantime, I had a lot of thoughts and worries after contacting Seoul SK, who showed an active interest in me, and finally decided to transfer to SK.

It was such a big and difficult decision for me to leave the club, coaching staff, support staff, players, and fans who have won 4 championships with a team called Anyang KGC for 12 years. While on this team, I got married, had children, settled down in Anyang, and achieved many things. If I stayed here, I might have been able to retire and have a permanent absence, but I chose a different path and took on a new challenge.

Now먹튀검증, I feel sorry and sorry to see Anyang KGC fans who have loved and supported me as an away team player, but I would appreciate it if you would watch and support Oh Se-geun in Seoul SK in the future. I will never forget the support, cheers, and love I received from the fans here, and I will always cherish them.

Lastly, I would like to thank the fans, club, coaching staff, support staff, and players who supported me once again. And I will become Oh Se-geun who will not disappoint Anyang KGC fans and Seoul SK fans. thank you

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