■ Even though it’s hot, it’s too hot…. As sleepless

tropical nights in Korea are rampant, sleepless nights continue. At times like these, I naturally want to get out of the house and feel the cool river breeze or the sea breeze.

As the heat waves and tropical nights continue, more and more people are visiting the east coast of Gangwon.

Gangneung Gyeongpo Beach, one of Korea’s representative summer resorts, is visited by many people day and night.

■ Gyeongpo Beach turned into a giant drinking bowl… Why?

By the way, Gyeongpo Beach turns into a huge drinking table every summer night.

Blowing away the heat for a while with the sea breeze and drinking while looking at the sea has become a ‘kind of romance’.

Mats are basic, and some people came fully prepared, such as simple tables and chairs, night lights, and even speakers.

The blaring music and neon signs make the sandy beach an ‘outdoor club’.

If you have a drink with your friends and get drunk, so-called ‘instant meetings’ may take place. In order to make friends of the opposite sex, a ‘war without guns’ takes place.

In addition, colorful firecrackers are held all over the beach. Amidst the deafening sound resounding, people are busy making memories.

■Illegal activities rampant at the beach… Firecrackers, smoking, etc. Illegal

However, beach firecrackers are strictly illegal. If caught, you will be subject to fines .

In addition to the risk of safety accidents, damage due to noise and smoke also occurs. Plastic waste, the so-called ‘shell case’ that remains after shooting토토사이트 firecrackers, is also a big problem.

For this reason, enforcement officers are also deployed at the beach.

But in practice, there is no enforcement. At the same time as the firecrackers are launched, a police officer rides a motorcycle to stop them, but they cannot stop them from playing with firecrackers.

This is because in a situation where fireworks supplies are being sold at stores near the beach, even if the enforcement agents stop them, they are often ignored.

In particular, enforcement agents are short-term workers and do not have the authority to impose fines like public officials.

In addition, local governments that operate beaches are not actively cracking down because crackdowns can give tourists a negative image.Furthermore, enforcement agents are at risk of being threatened and assaulted by drunken vacationers.Intoxicated people may enter the sea even when entry is prohibited. It is illegal to enter the sea outside of bathing hours . Like fireworks, it is subject to fines . At Gyeongpo Beach, lifeguards are on standby 24 hours a day. It is only possible to enter the water until 9:00 p.m. because drunk people can enter the water and cause safety accidents.

In addition, all kinds of garbage, such as bottles and mats, are thrown away on the white sandy beach where some vacationers left.

Cigarette butts, snacks, and soju bottles were buried under the sandy beach.

This kind of summer resort is repeated every year.

As the crackdown is focused on guidance rather than fines, vacationers continue to commit illegal acts.

■Illegal firecracker play… Only 1 fine imposed on the east coast of Gangwon-do for 9 years

Looking at the crackdown on firecracker play on the east coast of Gangwon-do, only one fine was imposed for 9 years from 2014 . In addition, Incheon, Ulsan, Jeonbuk, Jeonnam, Gyeongbuk, and Gyeongnam have not been fined for negligence during the same period. At least, Busan imposed 709 cases and Chungnam imposed 33 cases during the same period. In the end, the discomfort and discomfort caused by reckless vacationers will go back to other vacationers.

■ It’s not illegal to drink, but… No more senseless behavior

Drinking at the beach itself is not illegal. However, at a beach visited by many people, the senseless behavior of some vacationers is raising eyebrows. Beach officials expect more vacationers to visit Gyeongpo Beach this weekend than last week. Two years ago, the Republic of Korea was recognized as an advanced country by the international community. I look forward to seeing them behave like citizens of an ‘advanced country’ even on the beach at night.

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