If soccer has ‘goal hitters’, baseball has ‘ball hitters’.

Reporter Yoo Byung-min tells the delightful challenge story of the women’s baseball team players who are united with passion.안전놀이터

[All right. there it is right! Right!]

A booming voice reverberates across the ground.

At first, he made a series of swings at the pitching machine’s fast ball, but as he gradually hit the ball and started hitting it, cheers broke out.


These players who are training wearing the same uniform as this year’s World Baseball Classic team are the Korean women’s baseball team.

Domestic women’s baseball has no unemployment or school teams, and is operated as a club league. Twenty national players were selected through a tryout last February.

Housewives, office workers, teachers, students.

From 16 to 36 years old, histories and ages vary.

Each of them has their own livelihood and study, so training is only done on weekends, but this year, their skills are growing rapidly under the guidance of brilliant coaching staff such as coach Yang Sang-moon and coach Jung Geun-woo.

[Jeong Geun-woo/Women’s Baseball Team Coach: That’s right! yes! yes! This is what comes out as cotton. Enter again!]

[Yang Sang-moon/Women’s Baseball Team Coach: There is no problem in training because the passion for just watching baseball is so strong. I am ordering them to be proud of being Korean national players.]

There is still a lack of interest in women’s baseball and systematic support, but the passion of the players is as good as that of professional players.

[Choi Min-hee: I came here because I was able to find my name.]

[Kim Bo-mi: This is the part that becomes the vitality of my life.]

[Ahn Su-ji: I think it’s the desire to compete.]

The national team will attend the Asian Cup held in Hong Kong from the day after tomorrow (25th). I’m participating.

Aiming to participate in the World Cup in Canada next year, we are taking the first step toward our dream in this World Cup qualifying tournament.

[Choi Min-hee/Captain of the women’s baseball team (self-employed): I think I’ll cry. How to. Mom, I’ll do well.]

[Kim Bo-mi/Women’s Baseball Team Pitcher (Teacher): There’s a video of the first pitch, but there are a lot of comments from kids. ‘Hey, this is my teacher.’ while doing this Teacher, I’ll be back! Fighting!]

The delightful challenge of ‘the ball hitters’, united with passion, begins.

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