Ecopro’s stock price, which produces cathode materials, a key material for secondary batteries, once exceeded the 1.5 million won mark, but is now down to the 1.1 million won level. As a result, the desire for a rebound in the stock price of individual investors who bought Ecopro stocks at around 1.5 million won is getting deeper day by day.

On the 7th, the stock price of Ecopro started to decline. As of 9:10 am on the same day, the stock price of Ecopro is trading at 1.13 million won, down 3.75% (44,000 won) from the previous trading day. Ecopro BM is also recording 365,000 won, down 4.07% (155,000 won) at the same time.

On the 4th, an online stock discussion room’s EcoPro bulletin board said, ‘This is the 150th floor. An article titled ‘Give me courage’ was posted. The person who wrote this article said, “The money from selling the apartment is included. I dared to shout on the 150th floor to move to Gangnam Apartment,” he said. “It is very, very difficult. Give me courage,” he said.

In the midst of this, the outlook for Ecopro’s share price is mixed. While expectations for re-breaking the previous high point remain, it is observed that the Morgan Stanley Capital International ( MSCI ) quarterly review announcement to be announced on the 10th will be a new momentum. As expected, if EcoPro’s inclusion in the MSCI is confirmed, the inflow of passive funds토토사이트 that follow the index flow could boost the share price.

Conversely, it is also true that there is a strong negative view that the stock price is still in the overheated zone. Recently, securities companies are voicing a warning to EcoPro and EcoPro BM.

NH Investment & Securities raised its target price for Ecopro BM from 310,000 won to 410,000 won and changed its investment opinion from Buy to Neutral. IBK Investment & Securities (150,000 won → 335,000 won), Kiwoom Securities (340,000 won → 445,000 won), and Meritz Securities (310,000 won → 360,000 won) also raised their target prices for this stock, raising their investment opinions from Buy. down step by step Samsung Securities and Hi Investment & Securities also raised their target prices while maintaining neutral investment opinions presented in April and May.

As domestic securities companies seldom present a sell opinion in their stock reports, neutral is actually accepted as a sell opinion in the market. As the share price of Ecopro BM soared to 584,000 won on the 26th of last month, most securities companies are leaning toward selling.

Hana Securities maintained a sell opinion while raising the target price of EcoPro, which is trading at around 1.2 million won, to 555,000 won. Kim Hyeon-soo, a researcher at Hana Securities, explained, “We view the holding company EcoPro’s fair market cap at 14.3 trillion won.”

Ecopro is a holding company with Ecopro BM and others as subsidiaries, and its stock price jumped 17 times in one year, exceeding 1.5 million won. Stock prices of Ecopro BM and Ecopro HN also jumped to a level of 6 times and 3 times from the high point to the low point. The market capitalization of the three companies exceeded 70 trillion won as of the last 4 days. As investors flocked, the turnover rate of Ecopro this year was tallied at 766% as of the 4th, more than twice the average turnover rate (343%) of the KOSDAQ market during the same period. The turnover rate of Ecopro BM, which ranks first in market cap on the KOSDAQ, also reaches 340%.

An official from the financial investment industry pointed out, “In a situation where investors flock to Ecopro affiliates en masse due to the popularity of secondary batteries, it is difficult to rule out the possibility that if additional affiliates are listed, it will incite controversy over overheating in the market.”

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