Golfzon announced on the 12th that it held the ‘2023 Golfzon Sponsorship Signing Ceremony’ to foster promising professional and amateur players and selected six people.

The event held at the Korea Press Center was attended by Youngchan Kim, CEO of Golfzon Newdin Group, Deokhyung Choi, CEO of Golfzon, and Kangsu 안전놀이터 Park, CEO of Golfzon. Seungmin Kim, Hyunjun Yoo, Woohyun Lee, Dangela Chanel, Soyun Lee, and Yeonjin Kang, who were selected as sponsors, were also present.

Golfzon plans to support six promising players so that they can stably digest domestic and international tour activities. Systematic lessons and training are also supported through the Golf Zone Led Better Academy (GLA), a golf player training institution.

Kim Seung-min is a player selected for the national team last year. He entered as a senior member of the KPGA in June of this year. He turned professional this year and participated in the Woosung General Construction Open as an invited player of the KPGA Division 1 Tour and finished third.

Yoo Hyeon-jun was selected as the national team this year. He holds the record of winning the YG Cup in 2019 and the outstanding college student golf tournament in 2021. He was the runner-up at the Korean Golf Association President’s Cup Amateur Golf Championship this year.

Player Dangela Chanel won this year’s national boys’ sports competition in Daejeon, Daejeon Metropolitan City Golf Association President’s Cup, and Daejeon Metropolitan City Mayor’s Cup in the middle school division, respectively.

Lee So-yoon won the title in the middle school division with the governor of Gyeongbuk Province and the president of the association. Kang Yeon-jin won the youth Honma Cup golf tournament this year, and was runner-up in the elementary division of the Gyeongbuk Provincial Governor’s Cup and the Gyeongbuk Association President’s Cup.

Choi Deok-hyung, CEO of GOLFZON, said, “We will actively support Golfzon’s sponsored players to achieve their goal of advancing to the KPGA, KLPGA, PGA, and LPGA through differentiated lessons at home and abroad through GLA.”

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