1 hit in 18 at-bats. 10% season batting average. Doosan Bears’ 4th consecutive loss. Jose Rojas’ sluggishness hurts so much.

Doosan fell into the first 4 consecutive losses of the season. Doosan suffered a complete defeat 4-10 in an away game against SSG Landers held in Incheon on the 29th. Both pitchers have some regrets, but the first challenge during the losing streak is the batting line. Doosan has been experiencing a serious hit line slump recently.

Head coach Lee Seung-yeop also met with reporters ahead of the match against Doosan on the 29th and said, “It is important to stop quickly because we are in a losing streak. In order to do that, the other line we expected must explode,” he urged the other line to awaken.카지노사이트

But this time, too, there was a mismatch. On this day, it was a game that was dragged from the beginning. After conceding first, the score that followed was seldom exploded. An extra goal came late, but it was after 10 points had already been given. As the losing streak continued, the fielders’ defense concentration was disturbed, and defensive mistakes overlapped in the process of conceding points in the early stages, making the game difficult.

In particular, the silence of the foreign batter Lohas is long. Lohas’ batting record, which has not been able to get out of the 100% batting average since the opening, has recently plummeted further. Against SSG on the 29th, he struck out 3 hits in 5 at-bats. It was strikeout-floating ball-floating ball-strikeout-strikeout for each at-bat. There were two chances with runners created, but no base hits. If you expand the range to the last 6 games, Rojas’ performance is only 1 hit in 17 at-bats. The only one hit against Samsung on the 26th. The RBI is also ‘0’ for 6 consecutive games. His batting average for the season also fell to the mid-100s. More than a simple batting average calculation, I am concerned about Rojas’ swing itself, which has lost confidence in the at-bat.

The coaching staff is also frustrated. In a situation where the team’s batting line is blocked as a whole like now, the role of foreign hitters is absolute. However, right now, the hitter who is most at a loss in Doosan’s lineup is Rojas. Rojas is the protagonist of the ‘goosebumps scene’ when he hit a dramatic three-run home run in the opening game. However, since then, his impressive performances have not been shown at all. Change is needed.

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