Son Heung-min complained of the stuffiness caused by the mask.

Son Heung-min was diagnosed with an orbital 안전놀이터 fracture after colliding with an opponent’s defense in the Champions League match before the World Cup opening. Because of this, he digested the World Cup after wearing a mask.

Even after his return to Tottenham, he was with a mask, but he felt frustrated. It must have been difficult to secure the view.

British media ‘Football London’ reported on the 6th that Son Heung-min mentioned wearing a mask.

Son Heung-min complained of frustration, saying, “After wearing the mask, it is not the same as the previous play.”

He continued, “I sometimes get annoyed because I can’t see the ball because of the mask. It doesn’t bother me too much, but it’s not in the best condition.”

Son Heung-min took off his mask after blocking the opponent’s attack in the 18th minute of the first half of the 18th round of the league match against Aston Villa.

Son Heung-min said, “In the game against Aston Villa, it was frustrating because the ball was suddenly out of sight. I was just mad,” he explained why he threw off his mask.

“Families, friends, and fans watching the game in Korea are all worried. It is still dangerous if the impact is applied. The team’s medic said after the game against Aston Villa, ‘The decision is yours, but it’s still dangerous, so it’s better to wear a mask’, he added.

Son Heung-min also wore a mask in the 19th round of the league against Crystal Palace. Even in his frustration, he scored his 4th goal in the league.