Son Woong-jeong, coach of the Son Soccer Academy, announced that his son Heung-min Son (30, Tottenham) had advanced the date of surgery for an orbital fracture in order to participate in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

On the 11th, tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’ released a preview video of Son Woong-jung’s appearance on the 14th.

Son Heung-min suffered a fracture around the eye just before the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and after surgery, he wore a mask to play.

In response, Son Woong-jeong said, “(His son) asked me to move up the surgery date as much as possible.”

“(Son Heung-min) wanted to play the World Cup game so much. Soccer players dream of wearing the Taegeuk mark on the left side (chest),” he explained.

In response to the question, “Hasn’t the 토토사이트 coach also been a soccer player?” he said, “I was a professional soccer player, but I was third-rate. Only the pattern was professional,” he replied.

Then, when asked, “(Son Heung-min) do you plan to have him play soccer when the second generation is born?” If you don’t want to do it, you can’t do it.”

In addition, Son Woong-jung said that Son Heung-min had left his life in Korea and headed to Germany when he entered the European professional league in the past. “I can only think of being cold and hungry. I rented someone else’s car and had to stay outside for six hours on a cold day because I had no place to stay. Even now, I only watch soccer and Heung-min,” drawing attention.

Meanwhile, the captain of the Korean national soccer team, Son Heung-min, suffered an orbital fracture early last month during a match with his team, making his participation in the World Cup in Qatar unclear.

Wearing a black protective pad covering the upper part of his face, he played full-time in all four matches, including three group H matches and a match against Brazil in the round of 16.

In particular, in the 3rd match against Portugal in the group stage, Hwang Hee-chan (26, Wolverhampton) scored a come-from-behind goal in the 46th minute of the second half, leading Korea to advance to the round of 16.

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