The possibility of Korea and Japan’s aces wearing Tottenham Hotspur uniforms side by side has been raised.

Midfielder Kamada stood out early in the German Bundesliga at Eintracht Frankfurt. At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which ended last December, he led Japan to advance to the round of 16. It is a resource that many teams have been eyeing in recent seasons.

I have been contracted with Frankfurt until this season, but there is no news of renewal yet. On the 3rd, through German Bilt, “Frankfurt signed a three-year contract to Kamada until June 2026, an annual salary of 3 million euros (40 million won), an increase of 500,000 euros (about 700 million won) billion won) + bonus conditions were presented.”

“It is doubtful whether Kamada will swear allegiance to Frankfurt under these conditions. Of course, there is a high possibility that an advantageous option in terms of salary was included. Big clubs such as Tottenham, FC Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund are showing interest. I heard the reason that they can pay a high amount.”

From Kamada’s point of view, even if there are additional options, a 500,000 euro rise is not enough. The media said, “Kamada is thinking about taking the next step. He predicts a breakup, saying, “He is 26 years old.

Follow-up reports followed. On the 5th, Bilt said, “Tottenham offered Kamada more than twice the amount of Frankfurt. The annual salary is 6 million euros 메이저사이트 (8.1 billion won). This could be decisive for a transfer to Tottenham. Kamada does not want to stay,” he said, announcing progress in the Premier League.

England’s Team Talk also said, “Tottenham offered an amazing contract of 90,000 pounds (140 million won), which is twice the amount Kamada rejected in Frankfurt.”

However, the media said, “Barcelona and Sevilla are considering signing a 26-year-old player this winter. It is possible that Spanish clubs will dash Tottenham’s hopes. It can be a big blow,” he predicted a scramble.

Many Spanish media outlets, including Football España, also aim to recruit Kamada from Barcelona and Sevilla. In the case of Barcelona, ​​it is said that they gave up Bernardo Silva (Manchester City) and turned to Kamada.