An unexpected bad news struck SS Lazio (hereafter Lazio), which is speeding up to the last minute in Italy’s Serie A. ‘Jupo’ got into a car accident.

Lazio striker Ciro Immobile collided with a tram as he was driving his daughter, according to reports from a number of Italian foreign media outlets. Fortunately, the lives of Chiro Immobil and his daughter are not in trouble. According to Ciro Immobile, the tram violated the signal at a red light. Authenticity has not been confirmed.

After Ciro Immobile’s accident, Lazio released a statement stating that “Ciro Immobile suffered fractures to his spine and ribs. He is in good condition”. However, we plan to closely check the extent of Chiro Immobile’s injuries through additional inspections.

If Ciro Immo Bile has to miss a few games through injury, he will be a huge blow for Lazio in the second half of the season. Lazio captain Ciro Immobile is a great striker, scoring 10 goals in Serie A this season as well. He’s 33 years old, so while his skills have declined,메이저사이트 his influence within the team remains unrivaled.

Lazio is currently chasing first place SSC Napoli with a 14-point lead. Reaching 1st place seems difficult, but first of all, you have to secure the 2nd place. AS Roma and AC Milan are also aiming for Lazio without letting go of hope until the end.

Fortunately, Lazio does not have European club competitions or cup competitions such as Coppa Italia. It is a condition that only needs to focus on Serie A.

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