The Seoul Metropolitan Government has confirmed the increase in public transportation fares that had been frozen for the past eight years. However, the range is 토토사이트significant. City bus fares will be raised by 300 won next month and subway fares by 150 won in October.

Reporter Doil Noh reports.

Citizens who want to ride the subway stamp their cards at the ticket gate. The usage fee is 1250 won, which has remained the same for 8 years.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government held a price countermeasure committee today and decided to raise subway fares by 150 won from October.

City and village bus fares will also rise by 300 won from August, and by 700 won for intercity buses.

This is because the operating difficulties have become serious due to the rise in prices and labor costs and the overlapping of Corona 19.

The Seoul Metro operator, Seoul Transportation Corporation, saw a deficit of 1 trillion won from 2020 to last year.

The transportation deficit per subway passenger is 755 won, which is a structure in which damage occurs every time a passenger rides.

The city of Seoul initially reviewed the plan for an increase of 300 won, but decided to raise it by 150 won in two separate times, in October and in the second half of next year, considering the burden of citizens.

Citizens’ reactions to the fare increase were mixed.

Shim Bo-gan / Gangbuk-gu, Seoul
“It’s a bit absurd to say that bus and subway fares are not going up even though prices have gone up… .”

Choi Jong-yeop / Songpa-gu, Seoul
“It is correct to raise (rates) when inflation is rather low, when inflation is high, or when the economy is stable… .”

Even if the transportation fee is raised, the problem of free transportation is expected to continue to be discussed along with the self-rescue efforts of the operating institution, as it cannot immediately solve the deficit problem.

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