The Korea Football Association’s National Team Strengthening Committee takes the ‘first step’ to appoint the men’s national team command tower. It is the first meeting to find a command tower to succeed Paulo Bento (54, Portugal).

The Association’s Power Reinforcement Committee plans to hold its first meeting on the 25th via online video conference with the new chairman Michael Müller 토토사이트 (58, Germany) and six members of the Power Reinforcement Committee attending. On the 4th, after the resignation of former Chairman Lee Yong-soo, Müller was appointed as the first foreign power-strengthening chairman, and six members of the power-strengthening committee to discuss with him were announced on the 20th. This is the first meeting to be held five days after the new Power Reinforcement Committee was established.

The power reinforcement committee includes three K-League commanders, including Park Tae-ha, technical director of the Korea Professional Football Federation, Incheon United coach Cho Seong-hwan, Cheongju FC coach Choi Yun-gyeom, and Gwangju FC coach Lee Jeong-hyo, Hanyang University coach Jung Jae-kwon, and Inha University sports science professor Kwak Hyo-beom. The first meeting will be held online as there are members staying in foreign countries such as Thailand for their team’s field training.

Amid news that Jose Bordalas (59, Spain), former Valencia (Spain) coach, and Chichi (61, Brazil), former Brazilian national team coach, rejected the Football Association’s proposal through local media, the first meeting of the Power Reinforcement Committee was held. It is expected that the rough outline of the first candidate group will also be captured through this. However, the Korea Football Association plans to keep the entire process ‘private’ in consideration of the special nature of the negotiations for the appointment of the national team manager.

In particular, the new Power Reinforcement Committee’s idea is to appoint a ‘sure’ director rather than speed, without being bound by the first candidate group that was handed over from the former chairman Lee Yong-soo’s system. Chairman Mueller said, “I am grateful to have received a group of candidates from the former chairman, but for now, I plan to leave all directions open and review it from a blank slate.” . In other words, the appointment time may be later than the February appointment originally planned by the Football Association.

When a certain number of director candidates are selected through the meeting, the Power Reinforcement Committee plans to conduct an interview to evaluate the candidates, select a list from among them, and report it to the association. After the reporting process is over, the plan is to conduct individual negotiations according to the priority of the negotiation target, and finally appoint a new command tower to lead Korean football.

Chairman Müller, like Bento’s predecessor, expressed positive intentions about the formation of a ‘division level’ including coaches and a guarantee of a long tenure until the next World Cup. Regarding the direction of domestic or foreign directors, “there is no special standard,” but “as a German, we will approach internationally.” explained. The first A-match schedule this year is March 20-28.

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