Dennis Schroeder (29, Germany) criticized the medical staff of the LA Lakers (hereafter Lakers) in the past.

On the 11th (hereafter Korean time), Schroeder brought up several things about the Lakers on his YouTube channel.

Schroeder expressed that the Lakers medical team in the last 20-21 season was a disaster. He also said, “Kendrick Nunn has been sidelined for a year 토토사이트 with a broken knee. And it’s no surprise that the length of the Lakers’ absence was not properly addressed.” And he added that he feels a lot better about the medical staff now.

Schroeder joined the season with expectations from Lakers fans. He had an average of 15.4 points, 3.5 rebounds and 5.8 assists in 61 games, a field goal success rate of 43.7%, a three-point success rate of 33.5% (3.5 attempts), and a free throw success rate of 84.8% (four attempts).

The Lakers parted ways with Schroeder after one season. The Lakers tried to fill Schroeder’s vacancy with Russell Westbrook and Malik Monk. However, Nunn, who was one of the players the Lakers ambitiously recruited, took an entire year off due to a knee injury.

In response, some Lakers fans began to criticize the Lakers medical team for hiding the extent of Nunn’s injury. They argued that it didn’t make sense to take a year off with a bone injury. Here, as Schroeder mentioned this in an interview, their argument was strengthened.

Previously, Nunn averaged 15 points, 2.9 rebounds and 3 assists for the Miami Heat for two years, 45.8% field goal success rate, 36.4% 3-point success rate (5.8 attempts), and 88.1% (1.1 attempts) free throw success rate. In particular, Nunn boasted further improvement in his sophomore season.

However, Nunn, who has returned from injury, is showing a state in which he has not been able to escape from the aftereffects of his injury. Nunn played 21 games this season and showed a sluggish appearance with 5.7 points in 13.4 minutes, 35.7% field goal success rate and 26.6% 3-point success rate.

Meanwhile, on this day, Schroeder talked about many things besides the Lakers medical staff.

Schroeder did not turn down a 4-year, $84M (approximately 109.6 billion won) contract extension, and he revealed that he had not even received an offer at all. He also revealed that LeBron James has a lot of roles within the team and that he wants to play four or five more years in the NBA.

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