Samsung came out of a 4-game losing streak. On May 19, Samsung came out of a dark 4-game losing streak with Kim Hyun-joon’s magic trick and Oh Seung-hwan’s save. But above all, Lee Jae-hyun and Kim Hyun-joon were positive. With such home runs coming out, Samsung’s young hitters are gaining strength.

1. Currently, there are not enough good beasts in Gyeongsan. The reason is that?

There are no beasts in Samsung’s Futures. To put it bluntly, there aren’t many players in the first team that can be used with available power. The reason is simple. This is because all the younger players who should be the main players in the Futures are in the first team. Players like Lee Jae-hyeon, Kim Young-woong, Kim Ji-chan, Kim Hyun-jun, and Kim Sang-min are representative. Kim Ji-chan is a player selected in the 2020 rookie draft. Kim Hyun-jun was selected in the 2021 draft, and Lee Jae-hyun, Kim Young-woong, and Kim Sang-min were selected in the 2022 draft.

Here is not the end. Samsung got Kim Jae-sung as Park Hae-min’s compensation player. It is not only the rookie draft that fostering and scouting are involved. Futures game is also involved in training and scouting. Because Park Hae-min transferred, Kim Hyun-joon was able to come out, and Kim Jae-seong was obtained through careful analysis. A Samsung official said that Kim Jae-sung was “a player that cannot be traded.” After Kang Min-ho and Kim Tae-gun, the main catcher is Kim Jae-seong. As a catcher, a 27-year-old soldier is now at the peak of his career. Considering that the catcher’s training period is usually 5 years, this is the beginning.

As soon as Kim Hyeon-joon went up, the atmosphere immediately changed. Kim Sang-min is an offensive outfielder selected in the 2022 rookie draft. It is an internal assessment that he is a player with tremendous grit. He earned coach Park Jin-man’s trust in spring camp, and after joining the first team, he makes occasional appearances.

The center line is the most important in baseball. Samsung is the only club with low-ranking players in catcher, shortstop, third baseman, second baseman, and center fielder. Samsung did not offer active contracts to Kim Sang-su and Oh Seon-jin, and Lee Won-seok was also traded.

It’s because they all decided to raise them.

2. Samsung’s younger players are 10 years old

It is never a good thing simply because a younger player enters the position. The important thing is ‘how much potential you show’. Jae-Hyun Lee is hitting .227 this season, but he is third among shortstops with three home runs (first behind Joo-Won Kim and Russell). He is also the youngest of the main shortstops. Although he mainly played in the bottom half of the batting order, he is also fifth on the team in batting average (12 RBIs). Samsung Futures general manager Kim Min-soo said, “He is a player who uses his wrist very well. He is a player who can hit 20 home runs. The value of Geopo shortstops after Kim Ha-seong is great, and Lee Jae-hyun is a player who can do that much.” The defense needs no further comment. Lee Jae-hyun is already irreplaceable and has established himself as Park Jin-man 2.

Kim Ji-chan has established himself as the league’s top second baseman. Currently, the only player who is clearly above Kim Ji-chan in terms of performance is Kim Hye-seong. Park Min-woo and Kim Ji-chan are fiercely fighting for second place. He returned with a batting average of 30%, and an on-base percentage of 40%. He still has a motorized foot that can home on any hit. He also improved his defense. Team leader Kim Min-soo said, “I haven’t seen any problems with the defense recently,” and manager Kim Jae-geol also said, “There is no problem with catching. Throwing is also a psychological problem, not a technical one.” Although he received a lot of criticism at the time of the draft, he is regarded as one of the best picks.

Kim Young-woong also recovered from an injury this season and joined the first team late, but has ample potential in the third base defense. When looking at a beast in Samsung, the things to pay attention to are accurate contact, the ability to use the wrist, and a soft batting form. Because he is a sufficiently excellent player in this area, Kim Young-woong is evaluated as a player to be nurtured unconditionally.

3. The ‘batting rate’ of Samsung’s beast rebuilding is amazing. Kim Bum-seok and Kim Min-seok also aimed

SSG Song Tae-il, current training team leader, picked Lee Jae-hyun as the player he missed the most in the 2022 draft. He is a representative player who was upset that “Samsung took everything from the front.” He recruited a large number of good players in the 3-year draft under such meticulous calculations.

As an aside, Samsung aimed for Kim Beom-seok (LG) in the 2023 rookie draft. Kim Min-seok was not a player to come down in the first place, so he gave up, and for Kim Bum-seok, who had a possibility, he was preparing with a decision to raise him as a first baseman or designated hitter rather than a catcher from the first year.

The reason why Samsung’s recent performance is somewhat disappointing is not because the blow didn’t explode, nor because the defense collapsed. It is because of the hunting of relief pitchers. Beast rebuilding is progressing smoothly enough to make me wonder if it can go this well. Song Tae-il, head of SSG training, also said, “It is much harder to rebuild a fielder than a pitcher. However, at Samsung, a large number of 10-year-old players are taking their place in the first team.”

Kim Min-soo, general manager of the Futures and head of the scouting team, said, “I have completely grasped the skeleton of rebuilding the beast. Currently, high school baseball is lacking in fielders. Players with good hitting will continue to emerge. However, considering the current Amabaseball pool, it will be difficult to find a shortstop with defensive power like Lee Jae-hyun, a catcher with Kim Jae-seong, and a quick second baseman with good hitting skills like Kim Ji-chan. There is a celery cap, so you can’t buy all the players with money.”

Samsung is a team with a history of building a dynasty through the bold rebuilding of Chae Tae-in, Cho Dong-chan, Park Seok-min, and Kim Sang-soo in 2009-2010.카지노사이트

At that time, the players grew up and achieved a combined 4 consecutive wins and 6 consecutive years of advancement to the Korean Series. The pitcher side is very lacking. It is full of places that need to be touched. However, the rebuilding of the beast is proceeding smoothly without leaks.

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