Suspect Shinmo (28), who drove a Rolls Royce near Apgujeong Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, drove into the sidewalk and struck a woman in her 20s and left her in a state of brain death. .

On the 10th, YouTuber Karakula released a video of him meeting and talking with Shin. In the video, Shin’s face and name were revealed. Shin, who appeared without a mosaic and wearing only a black mask, claimed that all of her suspicions surrounding her, including her alleged drug use, were untrue. However, there was no apology or expression of regret for her victims.

Regarding the reason why she stumbled and left the scene at the time of the accident, Shin said, “After the accident, I also fainted (for a while), then got up and looked down (from the car), and the victim was under the front of the car.” said. When it was pointed out that there was no relief action on the closed circuit (

CC) TV video at the time of the accident, he replied , “I don’t remember well, but the detective said that (the relief action).” Regarding the reason for leaving the scene, she explained, “I was at a plastic surgery hospital (a nearby plastic surgery) hospital before the accident, and I thought I should ask the director of the hospital for help with relief measures.”

Shin had a previous conviction for using methamphetamine in 2017, but repeatedly protested that he had never taken drugs recently. In the drug simple reagent test, the drug ‘Ketamine’ was positive, and as a result of the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NFS), 7 types of psychotropic drugs were detected, claiming that they were legally prescribed by the hospital.

Mr. Shin said, “It was not 7 kinds of drugs, but 7 kinds of psychotropic drugs, including sleeping pills, which we usually take.” The police said they were investigating drugs.”

As for the reason for his release the next day after being investigated by the police after the incident, he said that he was issued a doctor’s note that ketamine was included in the dermatological treatment sleep anesthetic injection and to meet the owner of the Rolls-Royce, the vehicle in the accident, to obtain an insurance certificate.

Shin has repeatedly clarified that he did not do ketamine. Immediately after the accident, the police at the Gangnam Police Station said that they did not answer the question, “Did you do drugs?”

He could have refused a urine test at the time, but he accepted the test. However, the result of the urine test came out as ‘ketamine positive’, and the police asked to explain this part. He also explained that during the seborrheic dermatitis treatment he received at a university토토사이트 hospital, there was sleep anesthesia, and the director of the dermatology department told him that it seemed that ketamine was present during the anesthesia. The dermatology department said that they could not take the opinion unless the person himself came, so the police sent him out, so he added that he submitted the opinion.

He also said that he did not own the vehicle in the accident. Mr. Shin said, “Rolls-Royce is my brother’s car,” and “I used to connect used car dealers and buyers and receive referral fees. He could not answer the point that if he paid for the use, it would be his own vehicle.

In addition, he revealed that the RM watch worth hundreds of millions of won was “a friend’s, and that is a fake,” and when he said that he shot a star balloon worth 500 million won, he denied the rumors about himself, saying “a number of people were together.”

According to the police, Shin was charged with injuring a woman in her 20s by driving a Rolls-Royce near Apgujeong Station on the 2nd at around 8:10 p.m. receive On the day of the accident, he was found to have been driving after taking drugs such as diazepam and midazolam at a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam.

Previously, controversy arose when it was known that the police released Shin after 17 hours of arrest. Regarding this, the police said, “The lawyer guaranteed his identity and said he would take responsibility, and confirmed the hospital’s prescription.” Afterwards, the police, who were notified of the results of the National Forensic Service’s analysis of the detection of seven types of drugs, applied for an arrest warrant for Shin on the 9th, a week after the accident.

Meanwhile, the victim was confirmed to be in a state of brain death. The victim’s brother said in the video that day, “The hospital said, ‘There is no way to use your hands, prepare your mind,’ so I have to go to Seoul with my parents on the weekend and decide whether to send (take off the respiratory system and send my younger brother).”

The victim’s brother said, “From the first time I came to the hospital, my condition was very bad. He said, “It seems that his condition is getting worse and worse after the long surgery.” When asked if he had ever received a contact or apology from the perpetrator, he replied “not at all”.

On the morning of the 11th, the Seoul Central District Court held an interrogation of the suspect before arrest (examination of warrant) against Mr. Shin.

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