He also mentioned meeting with Xi Jinping in his remarks at an open class event for his country’s students … “We are friends,”

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his country’s students, “We are invincible,” expressing confidence in the war with Ukraine. President Putin also explained that he will soon meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss ways to develop relations.

According to reports from Reuters and Sputnik on the 1st (local time), President Putin said at an open class event on the day the new school year began in Russia, “I know why we won the ‘Great Patriotic War’ (World War II). This is my attitude. “It is impossible to defeat a country that has ,” he said토토사이트. “We were invincible. And now we are.”

This is a statement made at a time when Russia has continued its ‘special military operation’ against Ukraine for more than one year and six months. President Putin plans to allocate 1.9 trillion rubles (about 26 trillion won) in the federal budget over two and a half years for the development of four regions that he claims were incorporated from Ukrainian territory into new Russian territories following a referendum last September. I put it out.

Answering a question from a student from Zaporizh about the development plan for the new territory, President Putin explained that he would rebuild these regions and raise their health, education, and infrastructure to the level of all of Russia.

He also revealed his special relationship with President Xi, saying, “Soon we will have a meeting with the Chinese president.” “He (President Xi) calls me a friend,” Putin said.

Previously, on the 30th of last month, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov hinted at the possibility of a meeting between President Putin and Xi, saying, “The schedule for bilateral Russia-China contacts at all levels, including the highest level, is being coordinated.”

President Putin is expected to visit China in October and attend the ‘Belt and Road Forum’. The two leaders last held a summit meeting during President Xi’s state visit to Russia in March. The last time President Putin went to China and met President Xi was at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in February last year. President Putin, who has been restricted from traveling abroad due to the issuance of an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court ( ICC

) in March, is likely to choose China as his first overseas trip following his arrest warrant. Meanwhile, the open class held under the title ‘Talk about important things’ was held for students who have achieved outstanding results in the fields of culture, arts, science, and sports.

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