Russian President Vladimir Putin’s public appearances have increased markedly since the Wagner Group’s mutiny was halted. On the 24th of last month, after Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Group, stopped the ‘Moscow advance’ according to negotiations with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, President Putin traveled across the country for four days and was exposed to the public. The BBC on the 1st (local time) focused on Putin’s actions, saying, “Putin ran at full speed and appeared strangely here and there. It seems like he started a re-election campaign.”

President Putin’s first appearance after the rebellion was a speech to the nation on the 26th of last month. In this speech, which was broadcast on TV after 10 p.m., his emphasis was on preventing bloodshed. “Action was taken on my orders to avoid serious bloodshed from the beginning of the incident,” Putin said. It is said that his own leadership prevented the situation from worsening. He also condemned the leaders of the insurrection, but said, “I know that most of the commanders and soldiers of Wagner’s group are patriots.” It is a distinction between cadres and general combatants among the insurgent forces.

On the 27th, he appeared in public and started a full-fledged move to show off his good health.

He stepped down the red carpeted outdoor stairs of the Kremlin Palace and gave a speech to about 2,500 members of the security forces and state guards in the square. It is the place where the coronation procession of the Russian emperor walked. Here, President Putin praised the military, saying, “You saved the country from cataclysm. In fact, you prevented a civil war.” After this event, President Putin’s public moves increased. He made an unusual public appearance on th

On the following day, the 28th, he went out of Moscow to show that he had returned to normal work. The place he visited was Derbent, Republic of Dagestan, in southwestern Russia. It was a visit to preside over a tourism development meeting, but what became a hot topic was President Putin’s appearance among the citizens.

According to the released video, President Putin was surrounded by a crowd, shaking hands with citizens, taking pictures, and even kissing a girl on the head. Citizens applauded and cheered him.

Regarding this, the BBC described it as a ‘strange sight’, mentioning that President Putin had a long table between them even during the summit. “The way he gets close to the crowd and interacts with them is very un-Putinian,” he said.

e 26th of last month, starting with a speech to the public.State TV , which covered the event, emphasized that Putin was welcomed by the people. The host of a popular talk show on state-run TV ‘Russia 1’ also praised the public move of the day, saying, “Even rock stars do not receive this kind of welcome.” He further argued that “the West makes jokes about the weakening of the presidency by Prigozin’s rebellion, but this time it has been proven that in fact the opposite is true토토사이트.”

On the 29th, he gave a speech at the ‘Strong Ideas for a New Era’ forum held in Moscow. Here, President Putin drew pictures on the blackboard of the corporate exhibition hall and looked around the products on display. The BBC paid attention to Putin’s drawing and analyzed that he “produced a confident figure that could afford to graffiti.”

Regarding this series of moves, the BBC analyzed, “Putin has been running at full speed for the past week and has appeared in various places. He seems to have started a campaign for re-election.” However, it was not yet clear what the long-term impact of Putin’s authority being challenged in an unprecedented way would be.

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