A Korean child was kidnapped and rescued 토토사이트dramatically in Cebu, Philippines.

An official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on the 11th, “There was an incident in the Philippines where a Korean citizen was kidnapped yesterday.

“The safety of our people has also been confirmed,” the official added.

According to local residents, a man in his 30s kidnapped a Korean citizen’s child in a large suitcase in a residential area in Cebu, Philippines the day before.

The scene of the man kidnapping the child and moving to the vehicle was captured on a closed-circuit ( CC ) TV installed nearby.

The child’s father explained that the culprit entered the house in advance and waited, put the child in a carrier he had prepared and fled.

Upon hearing the news of the kidnapping, the Korean residents reported the abduction and the license plate number of the child through social media . Upon receiving the report, the Korean mission cooperated with the local police to arrange a vehicle and arrest the culprit.

The child, who returned to his family seven hours after the crime, was not injured, but he was said to be in great mental shock.

The victim’s family reportedly expressed their gratitude to the embassy, ​​saying, “They responded promptly and the child returned safely.”

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