SK Broadband announced on the 27th that the 8th Pororo series토토사이트 ‘Pororo the Little Penguin Season 8’ will be provided exclusively on Btv ZEM (Jam) for the first time in IPTV .

Pororo, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, is a representative animation character in Korea that has been loved for 20 years since its first broadcast in June 2003. SK Broadband is the only joint copyright holder in the IPTV industry that has continued production investment in Pororo since 2002 along with Iconix, Okon, and EBS . About 1,000 episodes, including seven seasons and special series, have been broadcast so far, and Pororo has accumulated 200 million hours of viewing time on Btv ZEM . SK Broadband has been the first to exclusively provide Pororo every season through Btv ZEM . This year, while promoting the family month in May, a special new work to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pororo’s birth, ‘Go! ‘Lina Kingdom Masterpiece’ was released exclusively on IPTV for the first time, and at the Early Childhood Education Exhibition held in COEX, Seoul in July, a booth dedicated to Pororo was prepared and received positive reviews from visitors.

‘Pororo the Little Penguin Season 8’, which will be released on the 28th, is the first new season in 4 years, and the pleasant characters and personalities of Pororo and his friends are more highlighted in line with the concept of ‘playing is the best’.

In particular, this season 8, which is produced with a total of 28 episodes, adds significantly new locations and backgrounds compared to previous seasons, such as ‘Wonderland’ full of mysterious events, ‘Magic Forest’ full of colorful magical creatures, and ‘Deep Under the Sea’. It is expected that the response rate of children who are curious and imaginative will be high. It also focused on the composition of a more colorful story with new characters such as various marine creatures and monsters.

Above all, with various story themes that can only be encountered in Pororo, such as warm friendship that cares for and cares for each other, it seems to be of great help in forming and nurturing children’s correct values ​​and social skills. ‘Pororo the Little Penguin Season 8’ can be seen immediately after the EBS

broadcast at 8:35 am every Monday and Tuesday from the 28th through B tv ZEM . For the next six months, IPTV will be exclusively organized. If you sign up for the ‘Super Kids Club’, a monthly subscription product that allows you to enjoy over 60,000 kids’ contents anytime, anywhere, you can watch all the previous seasons as well as the new season 8 through ‘Pororo Special’ and ‘Pororo World’. there is. SK Broadband Season 8 IPTV

In celebration of the first exclusive offer , Pororo Band – Aid Sticker playset (and GS25

mobile gift certificate) will be presented through a lottery to Super Kids Club subscribers . It is meaningful to be able to provide season 8 exclusively on IPTV for the first time , ” he said.

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