“The powerful director who is using the Financial Supervisory Service as a tool to counter the Democratic Party.”

“I’m afraid that the director’s political greed will spark sparks even at the pathetic staff.”

Employees of the Financial Supervisory Service are seething with rage towards Director Lee Bok-hyun. It is said that when Director Lee announced the results of the Lime Fund re-examination, he brought opposition politicians to the fore without any rational grounds and turned the FSS into a political tool. In particular, as the Financial Supervisory Service was created to secure neutrality in its financial supervisory function, criticism is all the more fierce. Concerns about the ‘prosecutorization’ of the Financial Supervisory Service appear to be realizing after a year or so since Director Lee took office.

On the 28th, on the online anonymous community ‘Blind’, a FSS employee recently posted an article titled ‘Is it an independent organization?’ He wrote, “Why did you bother to include a member of the National Assembly in the press release when you said there was no criminal charge?” In the comment section, voices of criticism continued, such as “Whose share is this shame?”

Internal criticism of the Financial Supervisory Service’s designation of ‘multi-optional members of the National Assembly’ when announcing the results of the lime fund re-examination is intensifying. On the 24th, the Financial Supervisory Service announced that Lime Asset Management “gave preferential redemption” to “powerful figures such as multi-seon members of the National Assembly (200 million won)”. This is an illegal act by the asset management company, and it is not an issue on the part of the investors, but it has brought investors to the fore. On the same day, when there was a media report that the member of the Democratic Party of Korea, Kim Sang-hee, was a member of the Democratic Party토토사이트, the Financial Supervisory Service did not deny it. In the end, it hinted at the possibility that there was undue pressure or compensation behind Congressman Kim’s redemption. It is known that the expression ‘multi-seon member of the National Assembly’ was included in the press release under the direction of President Lee Bok-hyun.

Among the employees, voices of shame continue. In particular, there is a lot of criticism for pointing out Kim even though the Financial Supervisory Service did not confirm the charges against him. One employee said, “Since joining the FSS, I have never seen the expressions ‘reasonable suspicion’ or ‘part of it’ (in FSS documents).” Shame is the responsibility of the employees,” he wrote. Previously, when Rep. Kim requested a basis for the expression ‘repurchase of preferential treatment’, the Financial Supervisory Service said, “It was a part where reasonable doubts had to be raised that preferential treatment was provided.” Another employee also criticized this, saying, “Since when did (the Financial Supervisory Service) become an institution that only judges the governor’s heart only?”

In particular, there are many criticisms that the FSS’s political neutrality and independence were undermined. The Financial Supervisory Service is legislated as an independent public corporation, and the background to it is a critical mind that the financial supervisory function must be free from political pressure or the influence of the administration. One employee wrote on the blind that “politics covered financial supervision,” and another employee also said, “After the prosecution and the Board of Audit and Inspection… The future of the organization… ” he said. Another employee indirectly criticized Director Lee’s actions, saying, “A true bureaucrat must conduct administration in a non-partisan manner.”

Among the employees, there is also a high concern about the aftermath that will follow the ‘political tooling’ of the Financial Supervisory Service. It is expected that it will be difficult to avoid responsibility as the Financial Supervisory Service recklessly attacked a specific political party. One employee said to Director Lee, “Only a few employees will go to the goal. You will be responsible for their lives later, right?” “Don’t say I don’t know. I will keep my eyes open and watch.” Another employee also said, “At least if you are the head of an institution, don’t shirk responsibility.” “If you attack others, be confident. Do not outbox with the name of the director and team leader.”

Regarding the posts on an anonymous bulletin board like this, a FSS official said, “There was a lot of talk about internal gunfire from bringing up issues that the FSS had completed inspections (Chief Lee Bok-hyun), but even the results of the re-examination became politically abusive, so only the employees are in a difficult situation.” conveyed the atmosphere.

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