Recently, families often reveal the faces and names of victims of indiscriminate crimes토토사이트. This is a call to remember the ‘victims’ rather than the perpetrators, but there are many areas that our society needs to reflect on.

This is reporter Pyeon Gwang-hyeon’s report.


20-year-old Kim Hye-bin, who passed away on the 28th of last month after being hit by Choi Won-jong’s car, a knife attack criminal at Seohyeon Station in Bundang, and passed away on the 28th of last month. The next day, her family revealed Hye-bin’s face and name and appealed:

[Late Kim Hye-bin’s mother: It’s a crime I couldn’t have imagined. How long are you going to keep driving her crazy? I hope we can comfort the victims as well.]

The family of Lee Hee-nam, another victim of the Seohyeon Station incident, also revealed Lee’s face and name four days after the death, asking for it to be viewed as a terrorist crime rather than a car accident.

11-year-old Lee Si-woo, who died due to abuse by his stepmother, and 9-year-old Bae Seung-ah, who lost her life in a drunk driver’s car in broad daylight. Although the types of crimes committed are different, the reasons why the families themselves made the victims known to the world are the same.

[Song Seung-jun/Bae Seung-ah’s older brother: I hope the world changes starting today or tomorrow so that things like Seung-ah don’t repeat. I hope that laws and punishments become stronger.]

While society focuses on the story of the perpetrator, including the brutality of the crime, victims are bound to be marginalized.

[Seung Jae-hyun/Senior Research Fellow, Criminal Justice Policy Institute: I think it is a cry for us to show some interest in national reports, social reports, and media reports.]

The efforts of these families also create a social movement of remembrance.

[Lee Dong-gwi/Professor of Psychology, Yonsei University: Rather than an increase in copycat crimes as the perpetrator’s story becomes known, it can be an opportunity to gather efforts to create a safer society.] Interest in victims, not perpetrators

. Empathy, empathy, and solidarity are things that our society must reflect on in order to heal the wounds of families left behind and improve the system.

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