‘Park Rattan’ Park Eun-seon (37, Seoul City Hall) wishes to participate in the World Cup. Furthermore, he dreams of ‘scoring’.

The women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, won a 5-0 victory over Zambia at Mir Stadium in Yongin at 7:00 pm on the 11th. Lee Geum-min scored a hat-trick and Park Eun-sun scored multiple goals to lead the team to victory. Korea won both matches against Zambia. 

Park Eun-sun, who faced the reporters after the game, said, “I feel good. I was able to easily score a goal thanks to my younger siblings running hard next to me.” “I tried to follow what the coach ordered. There are many good younger brothers in the national team, so I think I saw the light. When I saw the goal scoring scene, I was able to easily score a goal because the pass was good.” 

He continued, “(With Zambia), rather than going outside, like in the first game, he wanted to win plays and headers from the back in the middle. They talked a lot about scoring goals in front of the gate,” he added. 

Park Eun-sun, who started as a forward striker, played near-perfect until she was replaced just before the end of the game. He fulfilled his role as a striker, such as post play using his height of 1m 81cm and scoring with concentration in front of the gate. 

Coach Bell highly praised Park Eun-sun after the match, saying, “I want to cherish her like a flower in a greenhouse and take her to the World Cup.” 

In response, Park Eun-seon said, “When I first saw him, he said that a lot. At that time, I was like, ‘What is it?’, but I was surprised that he said that.” “The coach asked me to go to the World Cup together when we first met. From then on, I thought I should prepare more. The director paid a lot of attention to him. He talked a lot about the lacking part. (Because I paid attention to it) I ended up doing it even when it was a little difficult.”

Park Eun-sun, who started scoring in two consecutive matches with Zambia, has her eyes on the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, which will be held in July. Previously, Park Eun-seon participated in the 2003 US competition and the 2015 Canada competition. At the 17-year-old World Cup in the United States, his skills were not fully developed, and in the second World Cup, he was unable to demonstrate his skills due to injury. 

Ahead of her third World Cup,안전놀이터 Park Eun-seon said, “I have a desire to go to the World Cup and score a goal, but I regret not being able to do that every time.”

In the first place, there was a high probability of playing the role of ‘joker’ in the World Cup, but it showed the possibility of being able to start as well depending on the opponent. Park Eun-sun said, “I feel good when I enter the game, but what I show when I enter is more important than time. Whether he played 10 minutes or 90 minutes, he seems to care more about whether he was involved in the goal or not.” 

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