Park Jie-won, former director of the National Intelligence Service, argued on the 14th that former President Moon Jae-in should visit Seoul in person to dissuade Democratic Party토토사이트 leader Lee Jae-myung from fasting.

Former Director Park appeared on MBC radio’s “Shin Jang-sik’s News High Kick” on the afternoon of the 13th and said former Blue House Chief of Staff Noh Young-min visited Representative Lee, who has been fasting for 14 days, and conveyed former President Moon’s wish to ‘stop the fast and recover his health. ‘ Regarding this, he said, “I think it would be good for former President Moon to visit Seoul within a few days and make an appearance to dissuade him from fasting.” He then said, “This representative’s fast will be in its 15th day in 14 days,” and expressed concern that “then various reactions, including necrosis, will occur in the human body.”

At the same time, former Director Park said, “I think that Representative Lee should stop the fast and fight again, but even in the past military regimes, the opposition party leader and representative were fasting and did not show this kind of disapproval.” He continued to disparage and ridicule. During the Yoon Seok-yeol administration, politics He criticized, “Human relationships have also disappeared.”

The day before, former Director Roh met with Representative Lee at the Democratic Party representative office at the National Assembly headquarters and said, “Former President Moon is very worried because the fast is getting longer.” He continued, “(Former President Moon) said that in this situation, where politics is disappearing, national division is rampant rather than unity, and ideology is prioritized over national interest or people’s livelihood, the health of the party leader is more important than anything else,” he said. “I told him that in order to deal with the situation, he needed to quickly break his fast and recover his health,” he said.

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