Correspondent Lim Jong-myeong, Sim Dong-joon, and Shin Jae-hyeon = Park Hong-geun, the floor leader of the Democratic Party of Korea , urged the ruling party to prepare a final budget negotiation plan on the 14th . They pressed the ruling party to submit an amendment at the Democratic Party level to the plenary session scheduled for the 15th if the agreement was not reached.

Park Won-nae held a press conference and demanded a final negotiation plan with a deadline that day and said, “If you refuse to negotiate with the National Assembly while losing public sentiment by following Yoon’s mind, the Democratic Party will make its own amendment tomorrow to stop tax cuts for the very rich and expand tax cuts for the people.” will pay,” he said.

He continued, “Even if the amendment is inevitably submitted, the 639 trillion won budget bill prepared by the Yoon Seok-yeol government will be recognized almost as it is and only a very small portion of the budget will be cut and adjusted, which is less than 0.7 %.”

He also said, “We will reduce unnecessary and unnecessary budgets for relocating the presidential office and wasteful budgets, and we will definitely cut the budget for illegal enforcement ordinances such as the police department.

In addition, “It is to provide thicker benefits to small and medium-sized companies, office workers with glass wallets, and many people who are groaning under the burden of high-interest monthly rent.” “he emphasized.

Diagnosing the background of the delay in budget negotiations as ‘President Seok-Yeol Yoon’s Guidelines’, he said, “President Yoon’s basic role as head of the executive branch is to prepare and submit a government bill for the next year’s budget to the National Assembly.”

He also criticized President Yoon for “openly ignoring and obstructing the National Assembly’s budget deliberation rights stipulated by the Constitution, and even lowering the guidelines for corporate tax exceeding 300 billion won and stock transfer income tax exceeding 10 billion won , which are the core of tax cuts for the super-rich.” In addition , he condemned, 메이저사이트 saying, “I will cooperate with President Yoon’s promise of corporate tax reduction by lowering the tax rate for small and medium-sized companies in the tax base of 200 to 500 million won. . He also pointed out, “The Speaker of the National Assembly announced that he would deal with the budget bill no matter what by the 15th .” While introducing the progress of the negotiations that took place the day before (the 13th ), Park said , “Why didn’t we evaluate the concessions we’ve made so far, and raised the question of why we’re doing it in the way that everything is okay if the issue of the highest tax rate doesn’t work?”

During the negotiations, floor leader Park and Deputy Prime Minister Choo Kyung-ho mainly argued, and it is said that they argued for more than two hours over the issue of the highest corporate tax rate. It is explained that there was no separate government position on the keynote of the ‘national tax cut’ that the Democratic Party is promoting.

Regarding the special accounting for higher education and lifelong education support, Park said, “I have been saying that we respect the agreement.” said.

Regarding the comprehensive real estate tax, he said, “There is an agreement between the ruling and opposition parties in a large framework,” and “laws that have not been finalized should be dealt with quickly at an extraordinary meeting even immediately after the budget is processed.” He also mentioned that he would push forward while maintaining his position on handling the inheritance tax.

Regarding the financial investment income tax, recalling the previous position of the Democratic Party, he said, “ It is said that it can be accepted if the plan to leave the 1 billion won section of stock transfer income tax as it is and to lower the transaction tax step by step are guaranteed. ”

Regarding the possibility of President Yoon exercising his veto power, he asked back, “Can I exercise it?”, “Will the reduction in tax revenue not be large and interfere with the law that benefits the powerless people and the majority of the people?”

Won-nae Park observed the schedule of the plenary session on the 15th , saying, “Even if there is a meeting to report on state affairs of the ruling party, I expect it to be held at around 5:00 pm.”

He continued, “If the ruling and opposition parties reach an agreement tomorrow morning, I think they have the idea that the remaining issues will be sorted out and the government will take additional time to complete the specification work, so it can be moved on the day after tomorrow.”

At the same time, he said, “The Speaker of the National Assembly has stated that it will be dealt with tomorrow, and in any attempt, it is no longer possible to avoid finishing it by the morning of the day after tomorrow, even if some time is delayed due to the inevitable budget work.”

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