YTN coverage revealed
that a domestic airline operated flights without air conditioners operating properly amidst the heat wave . There have been cases of passengers being taken to the emergency room or flight attendants exhausted after boarding a steamy flight. Reporter Yang Il-hyuk reports exclusively토토사이트. [Reporter] This is the inside of a passenger plane operated by Hi Air, a small airline. Passengers are fanning each other with brochures in their hands. On the 30th of last month, a passenger plane of the same airline headed from Gimpo to Ulsan. Right before departure, the temperature on the thermometer was a whopping 38 degrees, and the humidity was over 55%. There was even an emergency patient in a truly steamy environment. A female passenger showed symptoms of dizziness and paralysis while sweating cold. Fortunately, there was an in-service nurse on board, so emergency measures were taken, and he was transferred to the emergency room immediately after landing. [Park Jeong-ha / Professor of Family Medicine, Kyung Hee University Hospital: These seem to be typical symptoms of heat illness. Symptoms of numbness or paralysis would be equivalent to heat cramps.] Among flight attendants who work in a sauna-like airplane, there are cases where they go to the hospital for heat illness. In the heatwave every day, employees say that they are working anxiously to respond to customer complaints, in case there is an emergency.

[High Air official: I can’t breathe, my head is blank, and I have symptoms like that. If this is not a war, what is it, almost like this… .]

The company admitted that on the 30th of last month, it operated the aircraft with abnormal temperatures eight times per one-way basis.

It explained that all three aircraft currently in operation have completed inspections and resolved air conditioner-related defects.

However, despite the company’s explanation, the temperature inside an aircraft soared to 37 degrees yesterday (3rd), and passengers and crew had to surrender themselves to the heat.

This is YTN Yang Il-hyuk.

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