Edison Russell (28) returned to Kiwoom Heroes after two years.

On the 12th, Kiwoom announced that it had agreed to a contract for the 2023 season with foreign pitcher Eric Yokishi for a total of $1.5 million and foreign hitter Edison Russell for a total of $700,000.

Russell is a shortstop with a batting average of .242 (480 hits in 1987 bats), 60 homers, 253 RBIs, and an OPS of .704 in 615 major league games. In 2016, he was selected to the National League Shortstop All-Star and led the Cubs to their first World Series championship in 108 years. In 2020, he signed a contract with Kiwoom and raised great expectations, but he achieved poor results with a batting average of 2.54 (62 hits in 244 bats), 2 homers, 31 RBIs, and an OPS of .653 in 65 games, and failed to renew the contract after the season ended.

American media MLB Trade Rumors said, “Russell was once the best prospect in baseball. He played for the Cubs for five seasons and made a significant contribution 토토사이트 to winning the 2016 World Series. However, he was suspended for 40 games in 2018 due to domestic violence and has not re-signed with the Cubs since 2019.”

MLB Trade Rumors, which pointed out that Russell did not achieve impressive results in the KBO league, predicted the possibility of Russell’s rebound, saying, “Russell has achieved great results in the Mexican league over the past two seasons.”

Russell, who played in the Mexican league, recorded an OPS of .835 with 12 home runs and 67 RBIs (121 hits in 414 bats) in 106 games, including the winter league, in 2021, and this year, he batted 3.1 9 in 98 games. Lee (108 hits in 339 bats) played an active role with 25 home runs and 76 RBIs with an OPS of 1.011. Koh Hyung-wook, general manager of Kiwoom, said, “Russell played in the Mexican league, and his performance is amazing as you can see. Puig also played in the Mexican League but did not perform as well as Russell. If Russell adapts well, I think there will be good results.”

Meanwhile, Yokishi, who was expected to return to the United States, also chose to stay in Kiwoom. MLB Trade Rumors said, “Yokishi will turn 34 in July. It remains to be seen if Yokishi, who is comfortably building a career in the KBO League, will try to return to the United States. There was talk of major league clubs showing interest, but he eventually returned to Kiwoom.”

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