Cho Hyun-ah (49), former vice president of Korean Air토토사이트, is known to have changed her name to ‘Cho Seung-yeon’.

According to the industry on the 6th, former vice president Cho applied to the court to change his name and received permission.

In 2014, former vice president Cho stepped down from his position as vice president of Korean Air due to the ‘nut rage’ incident. He returned as president of Kal Hotel Network in 2018, but resigned from his position again when criticism of the owner’s family’s problematic behavior spread due to the so-called “water cup abuse” incident by his sister Cho Hyun-min, executive director Han Jin-kal.

Since then, he has virtually stopped his external activities after losing in a battle for management rights with his younger brother, Cho Won-tae, Hanjin Group.

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