It was revealed that the arrears of emergency fund loans from토토사이트 internet-only banks reached 20 billion won, and 70% of this amount was calculated to have been borrowed by people in their 20s and 30s.

According to data received from three internet banks, including Kakao Bank, Toss Bank, and K Bank, by Democratic Party of Korea lawmaker Yoon Young-deok, a member of the National Assembly’s Political Affairs Committee, on the 14th, the overdue balance of emergency fund loans from the three internet banks as of last month was 20 billion won. It was found that households in their 20s and 30s borrowed 69.9% (KRW 13.9 billion) of the overdue balance.

The problem is that arrears are increasing due to the recent interest rate hike.

Kakao Bank, which has been selling emergency fund loans since 2020, saw its delinquent amount increase nearly seven-fold from 2.5 billion won to 17.5 billion won in three years. Toss Bank and K Bank’s emergency fund loan arrears are 1.2 billion won and 1.3 billion won, respectively.

Considering that the delinquent amount at the end of last year was KRW 9.888 billion for Kakao Bank, KRW 547 million for K Bank, and KRW 488 million for Toss Bank, it has nearly doubled in eight months.

By age, people in their 20s and 30s accounted for more than half. This includes KRW 12.3 billion (71%) of Kakao Bank’s KRW 17.5 billion, KRW 855 million (71%) of Toss Bank’s KRW 1.2 billion, and KRW 782 million (60%) of K Bank’s KRW 1.3 billion.

The total balance of emergency loans from the three internet banks was 2,6603 won. Among these, Kakao Bank’s ratio was the highest at 86.7% (KRW 2.3069 trillion). The balances of Toss Bank and K Bank were 190.8 billion won and 162.5 billion won, respectively.

Internet banks offer emergency loan products that allow you to borrow from 500,000 won to 3 million won. Because it is a type of guarantee insurance through Seoul Guarantee Insurance, individuals who can receive this guarantee can receive a loan.

Since the loan threshold is low, it is mainly visited by new filers with little credit history, such as those in their 20s and 30s and housewives. In addition, the number of customers seeking emergency loans continues to increase due to the ease of use and aggressive marketing of internet banks.

Emergency fund loans are made through simple document submission and review, so the interest rates on emergency fund loans are high. As of the 13th, the interest rate is 4.795-15.00% per year for Kakao Bank, 6.24-15.00% per year for Toss Bank, and 6.01-15.00% per year for K Bank. In case of additional delinquency, an additional 3% is added to the interest rate borrowed.

Rep. Yoon said, “We need to be aware of this as delinquency is increasing among those new to society due to easy loans,” but added, “On the other hand, as there are concerns about high interest rates and high prices and an economic recession, a sophisticated and selective financial support policy is needed at the government level.” “He pointed out.

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