Myongji University must beat both Sungkyunkwan University and Yonsei University in the remaining two games to advance to the playoffs.

Myongji University lost 70-80 in the home game against Dongguk University on the 8th. Myongji University, which recorded 5 wins and 7 losses, is tied for 8th place with Kyunghee University, which also suffered a blow from Sungkyunkwan University.

All teams had played 11 games before the game on this day. Seven wins were a safe bet to advance to the playoffs. Myongji University should have beaten Dongguk University for this.

Currently, Konkuk University, Sungkyunkwan University, and Hanyang University are tied for fifth place with 6 wins and 6 losses. Myongji University, together with Kyunghee University, settled under them.

Eight teams advance to the playoffs. Myongji University is on the verge of advancing to the playoffs.

Myongji University faces Sungkyunkwan University on the 12th and Yonsei University on the 28th.

We looked at the number of cases remaining among competing teams to advance to the playoffs. The prerequisite is that Hanyang University lose to Chung-Ang University, Konkuk University to Korea University, and Dongguk University to win against Chosun University.

At this time, if Myongji University loses 2 times, of course they cannot go to the playoffs. In particular, if Dongguk University lost to Kyunghee University, Myongji University and Dongguk University would be eliminated from the playoffs.

If Myongji University wins against Sungkyunkwan University and loses to Yonsei University, three or more teams will unconditionally record 6 wins and 8 losses. There are also cases where up to five teams record 6 wins and 8 losses.

At this time, the most hopeful case is the case where Kyunghee University fell to 10th with 5 wins and 9 losses, while Hanyang University, Myongji University, and Dongguk University recorded 6 wins and 8 losses.

If three or more teams are tied, the ranking is determined by the difference in points between all teams. If you look at the current goal difference, Myongji University is -102 points, Hanyang University is -27 points, and Dongguk University is -111 points.

However, there is a high possibility that Dongguk University will win with a large score difference against Chosun University, the last opponent and the weakest. This is because Chosun University’s minimum score difference is -19 points. Dongguk University, which will try to win unconditionally, will overturn the -9 point gap with Myongji University.

In order for Myongji University to overturn the 75-point difference between Sungkyunkwan University and Hanyang University, it is necessary to win by 40 points against one team between Sungkyunkwan University and Yonsei University, and lose to one team with a minimum score difference. possible when

If a case like the one above comes out, even Dongguk University will gain an advantage in terms of the difference in gains and losses.

Myongji University’s most points win this season was 20 points in the match against Chosun University. Considering this, Myongji University is highly unlikely to finish 8th if it finishes the season with 6 wins and 8 losses.

If Myongji University loses to Sungkyunkwan University and beats Yonsei University, the number of cases in which it ranks 8th comes out.

Hanyang University, Konkuk University, and Sungkyunkwan University recorded 7 wins and 7 losses, Dongguk University recorded 5 wins and 9 losses, and Kyunghee University and Myongji University recorded 6 wins and 8 losses. At this time, Myongji University can take 8th place ahead of Kyunghee University with 2 wins.

This case should be followed by great luck.

In other words, Myongji University has to beat Sungkyunkwan University and Yonsei University to occupy at least 8th place.먹튀검증

Myongji University, which caused a sensation by winning 4 wins in 6 games at the beginning of the season, was unable to add victories other than Chosun University afterwards, putting it on the verge of being eliminated from the playoffs.

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