Director Jose Mourinho’s anger exploded at Antonio Cassano’s criticism.

Cassano has been broadcasting instead of engaging in his football career since his active retirement. He often appears on Bobo TV, the channel of Italian striker Cristian Vieri, giving his opinion on Italian Serie A matches and issues. He even criticizes sometimes.

Director Mourinho, who is active as a manager in Serie A, is also the subject of criticism. Recently, Cassano appeared on ‘Bobo TV’ and scratched the nerves of Mourinho, saying, “He has no interest in football. Everything is just a movie for him,” over Mourinho’s press conference and his behavior at the touchline. .

Eventually, manager Mourinho exploded. Speaking at the press conference after the 1-0 win over Torino, Mourinho said: “Everyone has their own tastes and is free to criticize. and Cassano just wants to have fun.”

Then, coach Mourinho pointed out that Cassano did not leave a great achievement as a player. Mourinho said: “Casano played for AS Roma, Inter Milan and Real Madrid. At Real, Cassano is only remembered for his jacket. Roma won the Super Cup without Cassano. Cassano won the Lombardi Cup, a friendly competition with Inter Milan. I couldn’t even run,” he said.

Cassano’s jacket Mourinho mentioned was the jacket Cassano wore during his Real Madrid debut. At the time, Cassano was noted for his eye-catching fashion.

Mourinho also said that Cassano has achieved a lot compared to Cassano’s humble achievements. “You know what I’ve done at Inter,바카라사이트 Real Madrid and Roma. He may hate me, but I don’t hate him. I’ll tell Cassano one thing: be careful. You’re 40, I’m 60.” warned

‘Football Italia’ said: “It is unclear how Mourinho knew these things, considering he had never worked with Cassano.”

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