It has been revealed that a store with a similar name, ‘Pyeongsan Bookstore’, is about to open just 80 meters away from ‘Pyeongsan Bookstore’ in Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, run by former President Moon Jae-in. This store plans to sell book-shaped bread with the phrase ‘Pyeongsalchaek토토사이트 Bread’ written on it. However, since it has nothing to do with the Pyeongsan Bookstore run by former President Moon, Pyeongsan Bookstore officials are said to be reluctant.

According to Pyeongsan Bookstore and village residents on the 8th, a store called ‘Pyeongsan Bookstore’ is under construction on the road leading to Pyeongsan Bookstore. Business is scheduled to begin on the 15th. It is reported that bread shaped like a book will be sold here with the phrase ‘Pyeongsal Book Bread’ written on it. It is said that all related licensing procedures have been completed.

Confusion is expected as the name is similar to Pyeongsan Bookstore, run by former President Moon. It has been reported that Pyeongsan Bookbang did not have much discussion with Pyeongsan Bookstore regarding the company name. An official at Pyeongsan Bookstore said, “I’m concerned that people might misunderstand because of the name and think it’s run by a bookstore.”

However, Pyeongsan Chaekbang said that they had consulted with the village residents. In a phone call with News 1, an official from Pyeongsan Bookbang said, “We visited the village from the early stages and discussed the business details and company name with the village head.” He added, “The village steering committee was also scheduled to be held that day, so if you have any concerns, please contact us.” “I gave it to you,” he said. At the same time, he mentioned, “The industry is completely different, and there has been no word since construction has been completed, so I understand that there will be no problem in proceeding.”

Meanwhile, Pyeongsan Bookstore also began selling bread in its cafe. On the 7th, Pyeongsan Bookstore announced on Instagram, “You can find ‘Yangsan Pure Rice Bread’ at Pyeongsan Bookstore,” and “This product is produced directly by disabled workers at the Future Vocational Rehabilitation Center to help them become independent and self-reliant.” . Just as they were starting to sell bread, a store with the misleading name ‘Pyeongsahnchaek Bread’ appeared right next to them.

There was an unpleasant reaction to this from supporters of former President Moon. Some netizens reacted to this by saying, “It’s shameful that only the room was changed to bread,” and “If you had any respect for former President Moon Jae-in, you would never name the store like that.” It is pointed out that it is not appropriate for former President Moon to unilaterally use the name of the bookstore run by him for his own business.

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