Former President Moon Jae-in held a book concert at Pyeongsan Bookstore, where he works as a bookstore keeper, by inviting the author of General Hong Beom-do’s biography.

Prior to the event, former President Moon personally introduced three books related to General Hong Beom-do.

Previously, when former President Moon announced a policy to move the bust of General Hong Beom-do, which was installed at the Military Academy, to an outside location, he posted two posts on Facebook demanding that the plan be withdrawn.

According to Pyeongsan Bookstore, on the evening of the 17th, poet Lee Dong-sun (Professor Emeritus at Yeungnam University), who wrote a biography of ‘The People’s General Hong Beom-do’ under the theme “I wrote the biography ‘The People’s General Hong Beom-do’ like this”, met with about 100 citizens at the Pyeongsan Bookstore. met.

This book, published by poet Lee Dong-soon in March of this year, is a literary reexamination of the life of General Hong Beom-do, who led the independence army during the Battle of Cheongsan-ri and Bongo-dong.

Former President Moon attended with his wife, First Lady Kim Jung-sook.

Prior to the event, former President Moon avoided making direct remarks, such as criticizing the relocation of the bust itself, but explained, “I invited author Lee Dong-soon to hold a book concert in order to have the right opinion in the midst of the controversy.”

Former President Moon said, “The controversy over General Hong Beom-do is still ongoing. First of all, the controversy over the removal of the bust of the military 소닉카지노officer continues, and it has even escalated into the issue of removing the bust of General Hong Beom-do in front of the Ministry of National Defense building.”

He continued, “The submarine launched during the Park Geun-hye administration was named Hong Beom-do.

During his greeting, former President Moon personally introduced three types of books related to General Hong Beom-do. “There are three books that citizens can access at bookstores,” he said. “In chronological order, the books were written by Kim Sam-woong, who was the director of the Independence Hall of Korea during the Roh Moo-hyun administration. He mentioned, “The second is a biography of Hong Beom-do, poet Dong-soon Lee’s biography of ‘Hong Beom-do, the general of the people,’ and the third, and the latest, is a novel called ‘Beom-do’ by novelist Bang Hyeon-seok.”

This is the second time that Pyeongsan Bookstore has invited the author of a book about General Hong Beom-do.

Before the controversy over the removal of the bust of Hong Beom-do at the Military Academy arose, author Bang Hyun-seok, who wrote ‘Beomdo’, held an autograph session at Pyeongsan Bookstore on July 29.

Pyeongsan Bookstore said about this event on its official Instagram, “We had a hot, heavy, and touching time.”

He said, “We gathered in the yard of Pyeongsan Bookstore and shared and read as many as 90 pages of ‘Data on General Hong Beom-do’ prepared by author Dong-soon Lee. We looked back on yesterday and today and strengthened our determination for a tomorrow that will never be shameful.”

In August 2021, while former President Moon was in office, he dispatched a special Air Force aircraft to Kazakhstan to repatriate the remains of General Hong Beom-do, and personally attended the burial ceremony held at Daejeon National Cemetery.

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